Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn


Finca Rosa Blanca is a specialty 13-room boutique coffee plantation inn that rests over the Central Highlands region. This property has been meticulously designed to provide guests an assortment of rich experiences in the form of a historical plantation, world-class hospitality and environmentally friendly amenities. Popular for the organic shade coffee plantation, this naturally hypnotic inn is encircled by tranquil rivers, canopy jungles, lush waterfalls and national parks (sheltering a huge array of indigenous wildlife). The inn is charming located in the center of thriving gardens, circled breathtaking vistas of the Central Valley. This attractive boutique inn also figures on the list if best eco-tourism resorts in Costa Rica very often. And if that isn’t enough, it has the distinction of having won several awards and accolades from various organizations. This makes Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation the ideal retreat for environmentally responsible travelers who are looking to combine sustainable living and luxury in a picture perfect ambiance.


Tours and Amenities


Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn provides guests the opportunity of trying out a variety of natural Costa Rican experiences.  Patrons can enjoy a whole gamut of activities ranging from canopy tree tours at the Central Highlands forests to a tour of the inn’s famous coffee plantations to guided nature walks with an experienced naturalist (for witnessing the splendor of Finca’s tropical gardens and the surrounding natural landscape). The coffee tour takes visitors through the process of cultivating coffee beans, processing them and roasting them, while allowing guests to enjoy a heady brew. The inn also conducts interesting and professional “cupping sessions”.  Apart from this, patrons can also go swimming, river rafting, bird watching or make a trip to the fairy-tale like butterfly farm.


The other indulgences to be experienced here are the organic baths (coffee, citrus and clove) available at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn’s in-house spa. Their Costa Rica stone body massages (in the backdrop of the inn’s tranquil natural surroundings) are also extremely popular with the tourist crowd. Easy relaxation can be attained by sitting besides the picturesque waterfall that gushes over a pretty infinity pool in a nearly surreal background of lush gardens and imposing volcano framed highlands.


Finca Rosa also puts together sustainability tours that offer guests the opportunity of participating in the process of supporting local communities and conservation efforts.


Service and Accommodation


Finca Rosa Blanca offers its patrons top-notch living facilities and world-class hospitality that is characterized by personalized, warm and thoughtful service. The knowledgeable and friendly owners here will go out of the way to make your stay memorable, while ensuring a constant influx of creative sustainable tourism models.

Accommodation at the Finca Rosa Blanca is available in the form a couple of airy and spacious master suites that are elegantly decorated to combine luxury with practicality and sustainable living. There are eleven tastefully furnished and uniquely appointed junior suites, from which four can be combined to make two spacious villas. All luxury accommodations come stocked with soothing Jacuzzi baths, mini bars and private verandas (which offer splendid views of the neighboring valley).


Room Rates


High season rate for a Junior Suite is $ 295 USD and that for the Master Suite is $ 430 USD. The plush Villas can be rented at a price of $ 520 USD for a night. Apart from this Finca also offers activity and specialty focused stay packages, which include the Adventure Nature Package, the El Targua Spa Wellness package, the exclusive Honeymoon package, the culinary bonanza offering Culinary and Cultural package. Current prices for the various packages can be obtained by contacting the resort at



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