Full Moon Party: Costa Rica’s Lunar Festivity

Yes, you got it right: Costa Ricans hold a full moon party every time the white, mesmerizing, waning orb in the night sky appears above the coastal country.

It’s known to be also famously celebrated in Thailand, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world. But the fun-loving and naturally festive Latin Americans do more than just stare at the full moon- they pay tribute to it by holding parties nationwide.

What is it about the Moon?
The power of the moon is a general belief worldwide. The word lunatic is drawn from the word luna which is another name for the moon. It is said that this satellite of the Earth is known to affect the mood, aura and energy of a person.

As for Costa Ricans, people from the countryside highly orients their activities and livelihood to the moon. Taking for example the tide of the waves of the oceans. It doesn’t take a calendar for a campesino to determine if it’s going to be high tide or not. All they have to know if a certain day brings a full moon which of course scientifically proven pulls the Earth’s gravity.

Even in tree-cutting, the waning moon highly determines the right time to cut the trees with less sap. The full moon says to draw the sap down to the roots, making it the best time to cut trees for building and construction.

Partying for the Moon
A full moon party isn’t just a random excuse to throw yet another vibrant, colorful and lively merry-making. Knowing for a fact that the culture of Costa Rica involves the effect of the moon in the lives of the people, they actually party for the Moon itself.

Full Moon Parties by the Beach
In this Latin American country, a full moon party is best thrown in the beach. Copacabana Hotel in Jaco Beach is the most popular beach to organize an open-minded adult party. Oozing with the Mexican vibe, this hotel guarantees a fun stay of endless dancing, swinging and singing under the night sky.

Cocktails start as early as in the afternoon but the real deal happens once the sun sets and the glaring, eye-catching Moon comes alive. Bonfires are started, Latin Music is blasting throughout the entire place and party people clad in white-washed clothes dance the night away.

Bars are installed by the beach front as well as inside so whether you want to be with the dancing crowd on the sands or seated as you watch them party the night away, everything is tailor-fitted in this debauchery. Drinks specials, buffets of shrimp avocado, mussels, seared tuna, scallops, seafood paella, lobsters and so much more are offered once this party gets pumping.

With cozy cabinas and cottages, feasts of gastronomical proportions as well as endless cocktails and drinks are made available for the guests. The niche market here are couples who’d like to feel the warm feeling of intimacy under the bright and shining moon and twinkling stars.

Don’t be surprised if you hear the guests howling because obviously, it’s a festivity dedicated to the Moon and what better way to be one with it than to feel as if you were a werewolf feeling every bit of the night in your body.


Getting There 

It’s about a three hour drive to get from San Jose to the Jaco Beach. From the airport, try and pre-book a private charter to take you there. If not, there are a lot of public buses and taxis to drive you to the most awaited lunar party of the country.



Place to Stay

Copacabana Hotel



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