Grano de Oro

Grano de Oro

Aside from Costa Rican dishes, Restaurante Grano de Oro offers European dishes. It also offers French dishes and those from Latin.  Veggies are also available. So, if you are coming from these places, you can either dine like you are in your home country or eat the typical food of Costa Rica. The restaurant is beautifully decorated both on inside and outside. Plus, the restaurant offers good services to the clients. It is a great place for both locals and tourists.

You will find delicious dishes which are influenced by French Mediterranean and tropical cuisine. For preparing all the dishes, they only use freshest ingredients. They collect sustainable fresh food products which are grown locally. It remains open from 7am to 10pm daily and serves a variety of delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will enjoy its unique delightful atmosphere and elegant inner setting.

You can ask for Eggs Benedict. There is also sea bass you can order, or ask for the average fish. With this restaurant, you can even choose where you’d like to dine; you can either eat inside or on the lovely patio.

If you enjoy wine, you can have the excellent wine and enjoy even the last drop. Seafood lovers will enjoy the dishes prepared with freshly caught fish which feature prominently on their menu. Delicious sauces are served with these dishes. You can try their Mediterranean influenced fresh tomato based Provencal or can also try simple perfection of a cardamom cream. They also offer their in-house aged Costa Rican beef paired with a delicious glass of red wine.

For dessert you can try their signature Grano de Oro Pie that is prepared by blending chocolate and coffee. You will also like traditional Tarte Tatin.

Essential Information:

Hours: Remains open from 7 AM – 10 AM daily
Prices range: from 25$ to 100$.


Address: Calle 30, Avenida, San Jose 10107, Costa Rica
Location: Costa Rica, Province of San Jose, San Jose Metro, San Jose
Call: 506 2255 3322

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