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Green Stone Adventures is a travel agency based in Costa Rica. Whether it is a family holiday, a couple’s retreat, a backpacking adventure or a business trip, Green Stone Adventure is an ideal choice for those who want to explore the tropical gems of Costa Rica without any hassle. Green Stone Adventures 2 The company’s website allows you to reserve hotels, tours, open voucher programs, domestic flights, ground transportation and so much more right from the comfort of your home. Green Stone Adventures has an excellent customer service. The staff members of Green Stone Adventures take care of all the details so vacationers don’t have to worry about a thing. They will help you out by arranging guided trips, evaluating destinations you might like to see and by offering various services that will make your respite truly enjoyable.

Green Stone Adventures’ Open Voucher Program

Green Stone Adventures’ Open Voucher Program is a perfect choice for travelers who want to plan and customize their own itinerary. Be it a short or extended stay, any place you wish to visit, want o try out new activities, hope to brave the waves, wish to catch some sights of dolphins and whales or simply want to enjoy a lovely day on a sun kissed beach, Open Voucher Program offers you the flexibility and freedom to travel around Costa Rica just the way you want. It proffers safety and economical rates as well. The program includes rental car of your own choice, pick up service from the airport to the first hotel in San Jose and approximately 60 options for accommodations. The participating hotels are located in tourist oriented areas that are popular and convenient. The hotels are three or four stars, provide high class services, are fully clean and comfortable and have amenities like access to swimming pools and complimentary breakfasts. The accommodations won’t charge Green Stone Adventures 3 you anything unless you use their special services and extra meals.

Travelers can buy the voucher program from the website for the number of days they want to stay in the country. Once you have bought the program, you can start planning your journey. Choose from a variety a car such as sedan, 4×4, SUVS or minivans, go to any participating hotel and show them the voucher without having to pay and visit places you desire to see. You can make reservations with the hotel directly or one to two days before your arrival. Green Stone Adventures provides a wonderful opportunity for vacationers who want to experience their dream holiday according to their budget.

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Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 2223-4060 and (506) 2223-3355

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