Guayabo Lodge

Guayabo Lodge is situated on top of a mountain often known as mountain eco lodge. The lodge is airy, offers diversity of tours, family activities such as river rafting, hiking to volcanoes and Lankester gardens.  The eco lodge owners are proud to facilitate visitors with comfort, hospitality and in harmony with nature. Guayabo Lodge

The Mountainous Volcanoes

There are four different zones leading to three beautiful discoverable places in Turrialba Volcano. The first to the south Talamanca Mountain, one to the north Turrialba volcano, town of Santa Cruz to the east and mountains and pastures to the west. When the climate isn’t too rough and the weather is seemingly normal the four of the highest mountains can be observed from afar, they are the Chirripo, the massif Cerro de la Muerte and Turrialba Volcano. The last but not considered least is the Irazu volcano; this mountain is not visible from the Guayabo lodge but can be visited separately.

Services & Facilities

Guayabo lodge intercepts social areas and gardens. Tourists stopping by get the opportunity to relax themselves yet enjoy panoramic views and birds chirping.

The Accommodation

Guayabo-Lodge Guayabo eco lodge has a total of 22 standard rooms. These rooms are well decorated along with all daily use items, a private bathroom and of course balcony. The decoration of each room boasts folk art that translates into connecting with nature directly.

The executive rooms also called Mountain Suites offer mountainous scenic views each from its particular window.

Free Internet

Upon arrival free tea and coffee is served to the guests while they wait in the lobby filled with souvenirs. The lodge also facilitates desktop computer use with free internet service. If you wish to bring your laptop, you network will be connected to the wireless device.


There is also a Tropical Cooking School Tour set where one can organize wedding events, birthday parties or business summits.


The La Granadilla Restaurant runs throughout the day offering typical costarican dishes in its Tropical Fusion Kitchen. There’s also combination of meals at the beginning of each day titled as Menu of the Day.

There’s a garden tour available through Orchid and Bromelia garden. These gardens are ideal to perform yoga routines or simply to relax Guayabo Lodge

How to get there

There are two routes to head to Guayabo Lodge.

San Jose

When heading from San Jose follow the road to Cartago-Valocan Irazu, just right next to the crossing sight the big statue of Christ. Keep driving on the right and follow Pacayas, Capellades, Santa Cruz and Turrialba.  Keep heading straight without any turns, finally when a few miles from Santa Cruz Center take a right, there’s a cemetery here. This unpaved dirt road will lead you to your destination the Guayabo lodge.


Take the road to Turrialba, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz. Do not take any turns, keep driving straight until you spot Santa Cruz Center, take a left from here and you will see the cemetery, a private dirt road leads to the eco lodge Guayabo.


Tel: +506 2538-8492 / +506 2538-8400

Fax: +506 2538-8492


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