Heredia Province


Costa Rica is one of the most blessed lands when it comes to places full of natural beauty. One such province of Costa Rica which enjoys having some of the most beautiful scenic locations is the Heredia Province. It’s one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica and covers the agricultural areas of San Carlos and also enjoys the stay of the busy metropolitan city of Heredia which is the capital city of the Heredia province. Heredia is surrounded on three sides by neighboring provinces of Alajuela, San Jose and Limon while one side its border touches with the republic of Nicaragua.


Two Famous Tourist Attractions in Heredia

It’s important to note that there are many places that catch the imagination of the tourists who visit Heredia but some stand out from these places. The two most attractive locations for tourists prove to be the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Braulio Carrillo National Park. Both locations have their distinct qualities which compels the tourists to visit them at least once during their stays.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens are excellent as tourists can easily watch the delightful view of water carving its way through the mountains to fall in the streams of water while these gardens also include a rain forest where even capuchins and other such species are found.

Braulio Carrillo National Park is another location which is high on the must visit lists of tourists who visit Heredia province due to the fact that it gives a lot of information about the cultural and agricultural history of the province and sums up the qualities of the province.


Why Tourists like visiting Heredia

Tourists visit Heredia for many reasons, the most basic of which remains the nick name of its capital city which is the ‘city of flowers’. The nick name is given to Heredia City due to the production of large quantity of flowers in the city which make a significant part of Costa Rica’s export products. However, many tourists visit Heredia Province to see the most beautiful women of Costa Rica. It’s said that the ladies here are as beautiful as the lovely flowers produced in the capital city and are worth having a look at.

There are no problems with the accommodation services in Heredia and the choice of a hotel, eco lodge or rental villa lies squarely on your shoulders.

There are many attractions with in the Province of Heredia that must be on your must do’s list and it should include visiting the following three places of attraction.

Indeed, visiting Heredia for your holidays is an excellent choice as it has the fragrance as well as the charm of the flowers while also has the smooth flow of the Sarapiqui River and the power of beauty of the women of Heredia.


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