Hidden Canopy “Treehouses” Boutique Hotel

hidden canopy treehouses boutique hotel

Looking for a classy holiday up in the clouds? Are you tired of your hectic work schedule and looking for a much needed break? Montreverde, Costa Rica will be the perfect place for you to drop in. The cloud forest is a world class location for a holiday with a romantic aura. Feel free to sleep on a bed made of tree roots and enjoy the romantic settings which make Montreverde a perfect holiday destination. There are 5 tree houses in the mountains of Montreverde. The tree houses will charm you as you will be able to have your own mountain home and other facilities to enjoy. They are in the finest corner of Costa Rica and the visual pleasure that one gets by watching the scenery all around can hardly be put into words. It should rather be experienced first-hand.


Hidden Canopy Treehouses AccommodationFirst of all, you should be aware that most of the units aren’t “tree houses” like you might imagine. They are on the ground, among the trees, and so some guests find the name of this place to be misleading. However, it’s a great place, the rooms are beautiful, and there is one unit up on a tree. All the “tree-houses” have two rooms as I mentioned earlier. But the quality of the room varies. The rooms are well complemented by the surrounding gardens and waterfalls. You will find options when choosing a tree-house which are named interestingly too. Rising Sun or Glade features space for two persons, there is Eden featuring two levels and space for two, Neverland is another type that accommodates 4 people. Rivendale can accommodate 5 people at once. The area of each tree-house differs the first one is 525 sq. feet, second and third ones are 800 sq. feet, fourth one is of 1150 sq. feet. There are added facilities like coffee bars, mini bars, private bathrooms, Jacuzzi, interesting views, multiple levels etc. They have multiple levels too. Price range varies according to the amenities you want at your disposal and the duration you want to stay at your perfect romantic tree-house. Choose according to your needs.


Hidden Canopy Treehouses BoutiqueBesides your stay, you can take part in the tour program that they have on offer. The host for Hidden Canopy arranges guided forest tours of Monteverde, Curicancha or Santa Elena. The tour is organized in small groups. Tours begin from 2 PM and the cost is $12-18 per person. There are other tours like guided night walk, Canopy Zipline tour, Monteverde Coffee tour and suspended bridge tour. The price range varies with each tour. Canopy Zipline costs you $45 – $60 per person, the coffee tour is $30 per person, suspended bridge tour is self guided and will cost you $30 same is the guided night walk.


Hidden Canopy Treehouses natureThere is a boutique hotel of the Hidden Canopy and it is the first boutique hotel with the tree-house chalets on offer. You will get King size and Queen sized beds for sleeping in your rooms. The windows are large and offer a beautiful view of the gardens. All in all, a perfect place to visit and have fun with your relatives. Spending few days in a well furnished tree-house with a romantic setting will be a perfect choice for a holiday destination. So, what are you waiting for Pack your bags and have fun.


300 m Este del cruce
Camino Sky Trek
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Tel: (011 506) 2645 5447
Website: http://hiddencanopy.com/p/user/home.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hidden-Canopy-Treehouses-Boutique-Hotel/128311765377

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