Hotel los Volcanes

What makes Hotel los Volcanes different from other nearby hotels is the old world ambiance well blended with modern facilities. It’s not only located at in the center of the city but also just 5 minutes away from the International Airport. This mansion was built in 1920s. However, it has been renovated using modern technologies thus ensures highest level of safety. But the interesting thing is that though it has been renovated properly, the architect who designed the refurbished hotel building kept the twenty foot-high paneled ceiling, polished wood wainscoting and solid double doors in an old-style building.


Hotel los Volcanes offers 3 different types of rooms – Budget Standard Rooms, Standard Rooms and Superior Rooms.

Budget Standard Rooms

Perfect for the budget travelers and backpackers. Budget Standard Rooms come with two options – one has two twin beds, and the other one has a queen and a twin bed. You can choose this option if you are traveling with a small group.

Standard Rooms

Standard Rooms are well furnished in Tropical Victorian Styles. There are two options – one comes with wrought-iron beds with a queen bed and the other one comes with a queen and a twin bed. Standard Room has private bathroom with shower.

Superior Rooms

These are the most beautiful rooms. Superior Rooms have most of the modern facilities. All superior rooms come with a queen size bed. These fully air-conditioned rooms have LCD TV´s and comfortable private bathroom.


Hotel Los Volcanes has a dining establishment Salsa that is set in a a quaint Victorian style home of 1920. Soothing sound of a fountain and the surrounding tropical garden makes the atmosphere more pleasant. At this restaurant you will enjoy having a seasonal menu and all the dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients collected from the local farms.

Other Services:

While staying at this hotel you will enjoy a variety of relaxing treatments by an expert massage therapist. You will enjoy taxi service to the airport, 24 hour front desk service, secure and convenient parking area, breakfast, and also WiFi service.

Tours and Activities:

In the surrounding area of the Hotel los Volcanes, you will find several options to enjoy a variety of tours and activities such as you can go for canopy tour and rafting. You can visit the private park La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Zoo Ave. You can visit Poas Volcano National Park and enjoy watching one of the most popular volcanoes of the country. You can visit Colinas del Poás that is a project including a canopy tour, trails, the fishing of trout, animal footpaths and breeding grounds and also restaurant and bar services. If you are a coffee lover, you can go to Doka Estate Coffee Tour and know about the history and process of the coffee. You can go to the Arenal Volcano tour, visit Tortuga island.


Hotel los Volcanes
Telephone: (506) 2441.0525
FAX: (506) 2440.8006

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