Hotel Playa Negra


In Playa Negra area, Playa Negra is the only beachfront hotel. Set a few steps to the sandy beach, this hotel offers a relaxed environment. This hotel provides great hospitality to ensure its guests enjoy a comfortable vacation. It is located within 5 km of Callejpnes beach, popular surfing break Playa Avellanas and Blanca beach and from this resort within 10.9 km you will reach the Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course.


Hotel Playa Negra offers two kinds of rooms-ten bungalows and seven new suite-bungalows. Built with a palm leaves’ roof, the bungalows are set in a tropical garden just a few steps from the beach and each one of the ten bungalows featured with one queen-size bed and two single ones, high roofs and many windows through which you can enjoy ocean breeze. These bungalows are locally familiar as “rancho”. Located behind the bungalows, the new suite-bungalows are larger and provide more comfort and privacy and these suites also have large deck with a sitting area including hammocks and each of the suite equipped with one king-size bed and two single ones.


Hotel Playa Negra has a restaurant and bar nestled right on the beach under a large circular palm leaves’ roof. This restaurant remains open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. and the bar remains open later at night. In this restaurant you will enjoy a variety of food including Costa Rican traditional dishes such as “casados”. The restaurant also serves many different salads, fresh fish, tropical fruit platters and other seafood, hamburgers, tenderloin steaks, pasta as well as sandwiches. Once a week, the restaurant offers an Argentinian barbecue. In the bar you can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies, a variety of cocktails, pina coladas, daiquiries and margaritas.


surfingWhile staying at Hotel Playa Negra, you can take surf lessons, and can rent surfboard and boogie board from the hotel’s small boutique-surf shop. Playa Negra hotel is close to some of the popular surf breaks and it can organize boat trips to surf spots such as Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. Within 100 meters south of Hotel Playa Negra, you can find some places for enjoying swimming and boogie boarding with your family and friends. You can also go for horseback riding and tours that venture out to nearby national parks and enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area as well as the wildlife of the region.


In Guanacaste rregion, Hotel Playa Negra is one of the popular wedding destination. If you want to enjoy your marriage ceremony right in front of the beach you can choose this hotel. At this place you can enjoy a unique and amazing setting with elegant environment. The hotel offers delicious and high quality food and drinks and the hotel staff are very friendly and hospitable that make this hotel a perfect venue for arranging a special event like wedding ceremony.


Hotel Playa Negra
Apartado 31-5150 Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Phone: +(506) 2652 – 9134
Fax : +(506) 2652 – 9035

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