Joys of Scouting

Joys of Scouting
Joys of Scouting takes you on a journey to some of the world’s best places. To achieve their goal, they have set out on a beautiful voyage to explore foreign destinations, try out exotic cuisines and pass on their experiences through their website.

Joys of Scouting 2 On Joys of Scouting, you will see a collection of their favorite places that range from fascinating architecture, locations parading nature, mystical spots that will intrigue you to amazing houses, hotels and unique environments across the globe. The scouts of Joys of Scouting are full of energy, are truly passionate about traveling and enthusiastic about their cities and communities. The scouts have shared stories about their favorite local spots and activities. With the help of these stories and experiences, Joys of Scouting concocts the most incredible itinerary ever that will take you to that hidden bar, off the beaten tracks, spectacular art galleries and out-of-the way restaurants. Let Joys of Scouting direct you to the plethora of wonderful places all around the world that should not be missed.

Scouts of Joys of Scouting

Olivia Rae James – Haute & Historical

Olivia Rae James has been living in Charleston, South Carolina for the last few years. She explores the city and photographs it. Her images give you an idea about places such as traditional and modern architecture, verdant scenery and springtime blossoms as well as the creative members of the city. Olivia’s work has been published in Kinfolk magazine and the New York Times.

Marianne Fischel Essa – The Easy Life

Marianne has been beguiled by the pura vida atmosphere of Costa Rica and its wondrous features. The tropical country boasts luscious greenery in the form of flourishing rain forests, stunning beaches, mountains, rivers, volcanoes and hot springs. There is a great variety of food, accommodations and fun filled activities. Marianne is a mom, a hardcore surfer and yoga enthusiast who is sharing her experiences in the tropics with other wanderers.

There are many other scouts who are still globe-trotting and will be sharing their insights from traveling soon.

Places to Explore in the World

Although, most of the scouts are still wandering through the places, Joys of Scouting has come up with a number of destinations they have already explored.

Joys of Scouting 3 Charleston

The oldest and the second largest city in the southeastern State of South Carolina, Charleston is a perfect fusion of traditional architecture, exotic nature, modernism and fashion and quaintness. Whether you fancy a delicious Asian food, dining in a tiny French house, shopping at The Common or spending a leisurely time at the beach, Charleston has a lot to offer.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a renowned beach town in the Nicoya Peninsula luring surfers, beach bums, yoga enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world. The beaches of adjacent towns, Mal Pais and Montezuma, are just as wonderful.

Venice Beach

The beachfront town has a vibrant aura that will instantly make you feel alive and spirited. Known for its exuberant boardwalk, mass of entertainers, unique art and architecture and an innovative community, it is a global destination worth a visit.

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