Kite Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a favorite spot for whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, surfing and one of adrenaline junkies’ favorite– kite surfing. In this Central American country, the winds and waves go perfectly together to give thrill-seekers the best way to enjoy air and water.

There’s a good number of kite surfing spots in Costa Rica as well as kite surfing schools for those who’re just starting off. So forget about bathing in the sun the entire day and simply sipping your afternoon cocktail. If you dare, try braving the waves and hold on to an adventure of a lifetime.

With cutting-edge equipment, expert guides, friendly locals and divine beaches to catch the best breaks, kite surfing in Costa Rica is slowly becoming a world favorite.

Kite Surfing Lessons

Blue Dream Kite Boarding Resort

Located on the North Pacific Coast in Bahia Salinas, the Blue Dream Kite Boarding Resort is the first kite surfing school ever established in Central America in the year 2000 and is the only school that is open the whole year round. They’ve taught over a thousand students the world over and is still one of the most prominent places to get into this extreme sport.

Blue Dream Kite Surfing Lessons Rates

    Absolute Beginner- Group lessons with a minimum of 2 persons will cost you $30/hour for 3-5 hours a day while a private lesson will cost you $40 and are inclusive of all the gear. A full absolute beginner course can be completed in 5-7 hours.

    Intermediate/Advanced Private Lessons- This will cost you $40/hour including all your gear. For you to qualify for this lesson, you should be able to show that you have a good hang at body dragging.

The Blue Dream Kite Boarding Resort doesn’t only offer lessons. It is known as a beach resort of Costa Rica with an Italian touch and style 4 bungalows and 10 private single/double rooms. This beach guarantees the privacy, beauty, comfort, relaxation and adrenaline action you’re looking for.

The Kite House

Also located in the Northwest Pacific in Bahia Salinas and owned by Kent Graninger and Lucie Cordier, The Kite House is a resident name in kite surfing even if they just started last 2009. This beach offers more than just day nad night kite surfing but also amazing cabinas and villas for you to choose from as well as other activities (hiking, nature-tripping, 4×4 tours) dedicated for full on fun and excitement on the island.

The Kite House Surfing Lessons Rates

With Boat Support off Bolanos Island- For one person with a private instructor, it will cost you $50/hr while for 2 persons or more with shared instructor will get you going for $35/hr. The boat ride going to the island will cost you $10 per person

Lesson on the Kite Beach- One person with private instructor will cost you $40/hr while 2 persons or more with shared instructor will cost you $35/hr.

Kite Surfing in Lake Arenal

Off the Tilaran Mountains of Lake Arenal is also another spot for kite surfing enthusiasts. With winds averaging from 20-30 knots the year round, it’s flocked by people who want to experience this exhilarating sport. Most of the rookies who come here are able to catch a ride after 4 hours of training with expert kite surfers.

Places to Stay

Hotel Tilawa
Villas Dermi
The Cabinas La Sandia
The Kite House Shared House

Kiteboardin Costa Rica Video

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