Korrigan Lodge

Korrigan lodge is nestled in the tropical forest within the remits of Manzanillo-Gandoca wildlife refuge which spreads a few miles north of the border with Panama. It is located on the Caribbean coast, south of Puerto Viejo in Punta Uva. Korrigan lodge is ideally rich in nature, animals and vegetation.

The lodge area is fully covered with hovering majestic century-old trees. These trees are safe havens to different species of birds (toucans, hummingbirds, butterflies), animals (iguanas, sloths, monkeys) and flowers. When you take a walk on the paved surface outside the lodge you experience the chirping of birds, roars of animals and calmness in the beauty of nature. Korrigan Lodge

Punta Uva Beach

Punta Uva beach is a picture-perfect white sand, crystal clear water beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The land leading to the beach is populated with palm trees. The impressive coral reef of Punta Uva beach is considered a perfect snorkeling spot for tourists.

Lodging & Amenities

Korrigan lodge provides sanctuary to visitors in its four octagonal shaped bungalows. These bungalows are elevated from the ground each having a porch with hammock. Beds provide high quality comfort – the management of Korrigan lodge has kept the medical study in mind of spinal deformities and offers orthopedic mattresses on each bed. The four bungalows are named as:

  • DOUR
  • AVEL
  • HEOL
  • KOAD

Other things you can engage in whilst your stay at this beautiful southern Caribbean lodge are:

Water Activities: Snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and rafting

Wildlife Activities: Hiking at wild life refuge Gandoca Manzanillo and Cahuita National park, bird-watching tour, Jaguar Rescue Center and Sloth Sanctuary

Cultural Activities: visit to handmade chocolate factory, Afro-Caribbean cooking class and a visit to Talamanca farm

Body Treatments: Spa, massage, yoga class and pedicure

Other Activities: Canopy tours, Tortuguero canals tour, visit to Bocas del Toro island in Panama and horseback riding

How to get there

You can reach Korrigan lodge by public transport, private car or even a private van: Korrigan Lodge

By Public Transport

If you have a set budget in mind and would like to save on some cash then public buses are the most inexpensive and efficient choice. The bus departs from San Carlos in San Jose.

The bus leaves San Jose, journeys to Manzanillo and then drives past to Korrigan lodge’s entrance. Request the bus driver to drop you off at Punta Uva bus stop. The lodge is still 150 meters ahead from this point.

When you arrive in Puerto Viejo, take a cab to reach our lodge.

By Car

A note of caution: Please avoid driving after 6pm as it turns too dark and may risk life.

Go to a car rental agent and book your pick. Make sure you are given a road map. If you’d like to enjoy Costa Rica scenery drive around 12pm. The journey is approximately 5 hours from San Jose via Braulio Carillo national park. Take driving direction advice from car rental agent, he will guide you orally how to reach road 32 to Limon. After a tunnel you will drive through a road that goes up and down the mountains and through the rainforest.

Once arrived in low lands, keep driving until you spot towns of Guapiles, Guacimo and Siquirres. Drive past 60km from Siquirres and you will arrive in Limon the provincial capital city. After passing the cemetery, take a right from the signal here you will see signboards to Cahuita. Here you will see palm trees and banana plantation. Drive for ten minutes and take a left turn from single lane bridge.

Keep driving straight you will pass through a gas station, cop stop, gate of Cahuita and Hone Creek crossroad. Here the road divides, take right to Bribri and head for Puerto Viejo. Continue steering until you’ve passed Puerto Viejo. Punta Uva beach is 8km ahead, see on your right side the road leads to the final stop the entrance of Korrigan lodge.

Website: http://www.korriganlodge.com

Tel: + 5062 759 9103

Email: info@korriganlodge.com

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