La Ceibatree Lodge


Nestled on the edge of the Costa Rican rainforest and overlooking the deep pools of the majestic lakes on one side and the enticing wonders of the inviting blue waters of the ocean on the other. La Ceibatree Lodge is a peaceful, regal place that offers an insight into the wonders of the tropics as well as the jungles. This beautiful, unique hotel is a nature lover’s paradise. Come and view the bio diverse flora and fauna, the vividly colored birds and the other splendid gifts of nature’s bounty at the Ceibatree Lodge.

The closest town to this lodge is the Nuevo Arenal which is found in a southeast direction, a short 3.7 miles away. Parked on 37 acres of prime rainforest, the property also serves as a refuge for the assortment of plants and animals that make Costa Rica so unique. To find this place, one simply needs to take a detour of the highway that leads to La Fortuna. Set at an altitude of 1500 feet, the lodge offers a view that is like no other. The rise and fall of the surrounding hills, the sprawling decadence of the land mass and its wonders are a sight to behold. As one of the hotels that make up the association of Charming Hotels, La Ceibatree seeks to make its philosophy the guiding principle upon which guests are accommodated and entertained. The attention to detail for each guest is beyond compare.

La Ceiba Tree Lodge On the property there is a huge ceiba tree that dominates the view. This tree has graciously extended its name to the property. Standing at an imposing height, it gives shade and shelter to myriad fauna and flora that flourish in its presence. This ceiba tree is thought to be about five hundred (500) years old and was chosen as “tree of the year” in 2006. On it can be found numerous varieties of ferns, bromeliads and orchids. Birds and insects also make their home in this majestic and graceful plant.

Toucans, hummingbirds and a variety of birds can be seen all over this land. Howler monkeys are almost as natural as the spectacular landscape. The guests can have the feel of being a part of nature here. However, the facilities are anything but primitive. The property houses five spacious bedrooms equipped with their own private bathrooms and terraces. The décor is a perfect reflection of the colors and vivacity of Costa Rica. Each terrace also has a hammock to facilitate hours of relaxation and enjoyment. It is even possible to bask in the magnificence of the sunset across the Costa Rican skyline from here. The friendly and capable staff makes this a vacation to remember. To accommodate the visitors from across the world the staff is multilingual and all speck Spanish, English and German.

Visit with the Maleku Indians or learn the techniques of the local farmers while on a specially organized tour of the area. Go kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing or river rafting. We have everything for everyone.


La Ceibatree Lodge
Costa Rica – Nuevo Arenal
Phone and Fax: (++506) 2692 8050
Mobile phone: (++506) 8313-1475

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