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La Ecovilla

For many of us it is hard to imagine life outside urban areas. Maybe you are used to having contact with nature during the holidays, but have you ever considered living in an eco-village? Sustainable communities have become a trend which appeals more and more to people all over the world as we are increasingly more aware of the negative impact of current urban civilization on our lives.


Such communities have arisen all over the world, especially in exotic places, and of the most representative and well-organized is The Eco Villa in Costa Rica. It is conveniently located in San Mateo, Alajuela, close to San Jose and half an hour away from the Pacific. It suits all its inhabitants needs – it is private and placed in the middle of the nature and at the same time it offers easy access to hospitals, airports, malls, restaurants.


Bamboo structure At the base of the Eco Villa lies the principle of permaculture (development of agriculture and architecture which follow the model of natural ecosystems). Permaculture is seen as a way of building sustainable communities which produce their own food and energy without leaving a negative imprint on the planet and on its natural resources. The ideas of organic agriculture and of a healthy lifestyle are implemented by using a condominium subdivision community model, as the owners name it, and the name of this project is very suggestive, meaning “eco-village” in Spanish.

The scenery the Eco Villa’s inhabitants see every day is magnificent: diverse local flora and fauna (exotic fruit trees, fish and clams thriving in natural ponds), a river surrounding the property, proper for fishing and whose water is so pure you can drink it. This one of a kind lifestyle is waiting for you in one of the five lots remaining out of 41. Each lot size varies from 1100 m2 to 3200 m2. The property covers 17 hectares of common as well as of private space.


Kid-enjoying-at-La-Ecovilla The village’s facilities make it a cozy and resourceful place where you never get bored and where you always have the chance of learning something new or improving your health or state of mind. The La Eco Villa offers green spaces, swimming pools, a community center, playgrounds, hiking trails, a plant nursery, organic gardens, a studio suitable for yoga, dance and sports, a workshop, a spa, a recycling station, a water treatment center and alternate sources of energy.

La Eco Villa School:

Perhaps the most important thing there is to say about La Eco Villa is their school, which promotes full child development, which is so much more that simply transmitting knowledge. At the school at Eco Villa children are helped to cultivate their values, awareness, creativity, and critical thinking. Along with the sister school Tree of Life, is an international certified first-rate school, whose objectives are to teach children about sustainable development, environmental conservation, and organic agriculture. Interaction with nature is used as a tool to help students become independent of the consumer society. Instead, they will be addressed to as a whole; they will be encouraged to take advantage of a complete education (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and academic).

The La Eco Villa is much more than a holiday destination. The La Eco Villa is in the end about changing lives and shaping a better future through education and living in harmony.


La Eco Villa
Marcelo Valansi
Tel: (506) 2203-4759 / (506) 8866-6969

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