La Purruja Lodge

La Purruja Lodge is a small hotel, which is 4 kilometers away from the Golfito waterfront. As you drive through the main road, you will be amazed by watching the low walls of multicolored tropical bushes, small stream near beautiful rainforest, and a small hill leading to the guests’ buildings and owners’ residence. Most of the areas of the hotel property are covered by low-cut lawns, widely spaced trees.


The rooms are so clean and simple. Some rooms have double bed; others have single bed. So, you can choose which one perfectly meets your needs. Every room has a ceiling fan. So, guests can enjoy their time inside—they will be spared from griping about the weather. Visitors also have access to bathroom with cold water shower. After bathing, they can go and relax on the beautiful private terrace in front of every room. There are tables and chairs for their comfort.

Hostel Room

Backpackers with small budget are also welcome. They can stay at multibed room near the camping area, where happiness awaits them. Unlike the other rooms, the hostel room does not feature a bathroom; the bathroom is outside of the room.


For those who love camping—even though, it is not common in Costa Rica—there are some beautiful places where they hold up their tent. For example, campers can install their tents in the tropical garden; they will have access to bathroom and fireplace.


You can enjoy your breakfast served in the open Pavilion. While you will enjoy your breakfast, colorful birds also come around near the Pavilion. Since the Rancho looks very nice, guests can take a cold drink from its refrigerator and hang out with friends. They can also enjoy sipping coffee. The hotel also has a barbecue that visitors can use.

Though there is no Restaurant at this hotel, clients don’t miss it at all, for Garden Café, a small restaurant, offers the best food you would ever have. The experienced chef always surprises the clients with delicious dishes.

Fresh water pool:

There is a fresh water pool placed in the hotel property, which is watered by a spring. Since no chemical is used, the water is changed every week. So, when the land is dry, there may not be enough water for the pool.

Things to do

You can ask the hotel staff to arrange a tour or you can have fun with your own tours. You can go for exploring Golfito on foot, going to Cacao Beach, Zancudo Beach, Pavones Beach, Hiking Refugio Silvestre, San Vito, and Border Panama.

This small hotel with natural breathtaking atmosphere is suitable for seclusion, relaxation, and adventure. It allows you to stay alone. So, you can do what you’ve been holding off. Plus, you can relax and go touring Costa Rica.


Purruja Lodge
Purruja km7
60701 Golfito CR
Office: (506) 8683 7559
Home: (506) 2775 5054
email: purrujalodge(at)

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