La Selva


La Selva is one of the earliest private protected areas of Costa Rica that has been continuously engaged in being the pioneer destination for environmentally responsible tourism along with education and research related to sustainability. Located at the Caribbean foothills, this verdant natural reserve is home to more than 1500 plant species, 350 tree varieties and 440 bird species, apart from other wildlife wonders.  The reserve also serves as one of the most crucial research hubs for studying the bio-diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem trends. These studies have led to the publication of more than 2,600 articles, scientific thesis and forest dynamics literature.

Nestled at the junction of Sarapiqui and Puerto Viejo rivers, La Selva is a multi-faceted habitat that features a 35 mile stretch of perfectly maintained nature trails, a pristine tropical rainforest setting. The lodge hosts a large number of activities/tours, nature workshops, lectures and personalized itineraries for acquainting visitors to the bountiful ecological resources of this incredible region. This is a typical luxury retreat but more an unpretentious and genuine eco property that provides basic accommodation facilities to travelers looking for a slightly rugged back-to-nature experience.

Tours and Activities

La Selva Biological Station features a range of nature-focused activities and tours for the eco-vacation buff. There are half day guided tours and day long hikes that take visitors through the tropical rainforests along with early morning birding tours with an expert naturalist and action-packed wildlife tours at sunset.

Apart from this, visitors can take part in nature-centric workshops such as the hands on Scientist for a day workshop and the interesting Bird Watching 101 workshop. This biological station also conducts boating tours and allows nature buffs the opportunity of exploring the Caribbean wildlife via a Sarapiqui River boat tour. In addition to this, there are completely personalized itineraries that are put together to help nature enthusiasts appreciate the magnificence of the tropical rainforests with the planet’s most authoritative institutions on the study of tropical science, the Organization for Tropical Studies.

Activities and attractions in the vicinity of La Selva include white water rafting, pineapple tour, a tempting chocolate tour, thrilling canoe ride, a trip to the butterfly garden, frog and snake garden tours, rappelling and horse riding.


Accommodation at the La Selva is available in the form of down to earth cabins that are each equipped with a twin beds, a fan and a regular balcony.  In addition to this, there are expansive, homey and comfortable family houses that feature a kitchen, a couple of rooms, a private bathroom and a picturesque views offering terrace. For budget travelers, looking to savor the authentic essence of an eco holiday (while exchanging enthusiastic nature travel tales) can put up at the dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds and common baths.

Room Rates

The all-inclusive price for a Cabin on single occupancy is $ 89 USD, while that for double occupancy is $ 89 USD. Family houses can be booked or $ 250 USD/per houses for 4 people and $ 200 USD/per houses for about 1-3 people. Guided exploration trips can be booked at $ 22 USD for a half day tour and $ 38 USD ofr a full day tour.





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