Lacqua Viva Resort

L’acqua Viva Resort & Spa is a 4-star hotel that promises nature, adventure, surfing and beach all under one roof. Populated with spectacular gardens and pleasing architectural structures – this impressive resort holds a 3-Leaf certification by the Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism program. Located in Nosara, on the Nicoya Peninsula, Lacqua Viva is surrounded by tropical forest and the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to sea turtles. Lacqua Viva Resort

The resort is a complete combination of beaches and mountains. Some of the famous beaches this hotel neighbors are Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional and Playa Garza. Among these beaches the Playa Guiones is governed by a legal provision which means that you will find no buildings within 250 meters of this beach. The surroundings also include the Nosara Biological Reserve part of a sustainability program which connects with the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.


The lodging area occupies a large portion of land which comprise of 16 standard rooms, 10 individual suites, 6 master suites, 2 junior villas and one presidential villa.

The standard rooms are all equipped with king and queen size beds. Most of the standard rooms offer wonderful views of the internal gardens.

The suites are well furnished much like a bungalow styled theme. The individual suites are constructed in the surroundings of trees and gardens.

Master suites are all lavish and extravagant, situated near the gardens and swimming pools the diverse combination offers momentous view to capture memories.

Junior and presidential villas are similar to a luxurious flat with sofas, beds, kitchen, dining area, built-in refrigeration, stove, microwave and all kitchen prerequisites.

All accommodation rentals are by default built for two persons (double occupancy). However, the rooms are spacious enough to accommodate two additional persons.

Restaurant Lacqua Viva Resort2

The L’acqua Viva restaurant offers exquisite complimentary breakfast. Lunch and dinner is available as well.

There’s a bar which for the wine lovers too, hosting all sorts of domestic and foreign wines. It also offers rich Costa Rican cocktails and liquors.

An air-conditioned gym for the fitness enthusiasts is also available.

Other Services

Surfing is one of the specialties of L’acqua viva. Populated with many beaches, it gives surfers and tourists an edge to enjoy their lifelong dream by surfing on high tides of these tropical beaches.

Spa is available upon your request which give you the opportunity to develop awareness of your mind and body benefiting your overall health and wellbeing.

Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is the second largest nesting location in the world where sea-turtles lay their eggs in the sand. The arrival of sea-turtles in Spanish is called Arribada.

No vacation is perfect without a tour. Vacations in Nosara are just the right excuses that you can think of to get away from work-life. With varieties of tour outpouring right at your fingertips you get:

  • River Boat Tour
  • Canopy Tour
  • Horseback Riding
  • Kayaking
  • Turtle Nesting Tour
  • Bird-Watching Tour
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Whales, Dolphins & Turtles Tour
  • Stand-up Paddle Tour
  • ATV Tour
  • Snorkeling Tour
  • Howling Monkey Tour

How to get there

L’acqua Viva Resort is situated at Guiones Beach, Nosara, in the province of Guanacaste. The hotel is located just 1.2 kilometers from the beach. There are different ways to arrive to the hotel:

By Air

If you’re traveling from San Jose, you can catch a local flight from the Santamaria International Airport to Nosara. Once you arrive in this city, take a cab which will get you to the hotel premises in 5 minutes.

By Private Vehicle

From San Jose: Drive to General Canas Highway until you reach the airport exit 42nd street in San Jose. Keep driving and lookout for signboard that reads Highway 27 west to Caldera and Puntarenas. Follow signs to Liberia where you see the intersection for the Friendship Bridge. Take a left turn at the bridge and you will be connected to the road to city of Nicoya. Keep driving until you arrive to the entrance of Nicoya, from here turn left and cross into the colonial town.

Follows signs leading to Samara. At the gas station in Samara, take a right turn. Signboards here will guide you to Nosara. It will take 45 minutes to get to the city of Nosara from here onwards. And right at 100 meters distance south you will find L’acqua Viva Resort

From Liberia: Just outside the Liberia airport, take the road to Nicoya by turning right. Lookout for signs leading to the entrance of Nicoya – take a right turn to cross into the colonial city. Follow the signboards directing to Samara then Nosara.

Car Rental: All are available at Santamaria International Airport and Liberia Airport. Private transportation is also available with a chauffeur.

By Bus: Alfaro bus company hosts direct service between San Jose and Nosara at 5:30am. The journey is approximately for 6 hours – where the bus departs at Alfaro bus terminal Avenue 5 and 14th Street in San Jose.



Tel: (506) 2682-1087

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