L’Angolo Allegro Pizzeria

An Italian restaurant, L’Angolo Allegro Pizzeria is situated in the central part of Montezuma. This restaurant not only based on Italian cuisine but also inspired by the food of Argentina. At this Italian and Argentinean owned restaurant you will get some delicious dishes with a unique Argentinean style and straight out of Italy. This restaurant was established on November 3rd of 2005 since then it has become a popular to both locals and tourists.

Set close to the to the glorious beach Montezuma, it overlooks amazing view of the ocean and keeps the environment pleasant. In its decoration you will find the blending of Italian and Argentinean touch. Italian paintings and Argentinean flowers are used for the decoration and the tropical beauty of Costa Rica makes the place more elegant. In its entrance you will find a small jewelry display showcasing different creations made by the local artists of Montezuma. The woodwork of the restaurant also carved and assembled by the carpenters and artists of the area. It is a perfect place for enjoying romantic dinner, lunch, dining out or even for stern meetings.

At the L’Angolo Allegro Pizzeria, you will enjoy delicious pizzas fresh out of the oven. These pizzas are topped with garlic, capers, tuna, anchovies, olives, tomato, hot peppers and onions. There are fourteen superb combinations to choose from and among those Napoletana is the best that is topped with hot peppers, capers, garlic and olives).  Cheese lovers can try a speacial Quattro Formaggi Pizza that has four types of cheese on a thin crust. Not only yummy pizzas, but you can also enjoy other delicious dishes like Italian sandwich-styled calzones stuffed with meat, generous amounts of cheese, tomatoes and many other rich ingredients. They also offer Argentinean empanadas, Italian ravioli, homemade pasta and lasagna in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style. All the dishes are delicious and affordable. If you can not visit the restaurant but want to have their foods, they can deliver it on your doorsteps within half an hour or less.

This place is perfect for visiting with your family, kids, group of friends. It also a great location for arranging special occasions as well as business meetings.


L’Angolo Allegro Pizzeria
Montezuma, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Call: (506) 2642-1111


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