Lapa’s Nest Tree House

Lapa's Next Tree House

Privacy and wildlife are the defining features of Lapa’s Nest Tree House in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, and if it seems familiar to guests, it might be because they have seen the place in several TV reality shows. This is the perfect place for those who appreciate a quiet holiday, not disturbed by any other tourists, in the middle of the rainforest and very close to wildlife. It is more than your average tree house resort, it is a refuge in the secluded part of Costa Rica where you can enjoy all the privacy and calm you need.


Woman practicing Cobra Pose The tree house at Lapa’s Nest has 4 levels and can host 6 to 8 people who also have access to the surrounding 120 acres of rainforest. The retreat is eco-friendly and offers at the same time all the facilities you need for a comfortable vacation (quality furniture, full bathrooms, outdoor showers, well-equipped kitchen, Internet). The guests share the vicinity of the tree house with wild animals (monkeys, birds) and have access to the beach while being also able of taking any time a glance at the Corcovado National Park. If you consider visiting this retreat or any other in the Osa Peninsula, do not expect standard hotel facilities. The conditions are very good, but you will be in touch with nature and wildlife and this kind of environment is neither 100% predictable, nor recommended to nature or animal phobics.


Staying private doesn’t mean staying bored. At Lapa’s Nest Tree House visitors have the opportunity of enjoying all the wonders of an exotic holiday at a stone’s throw: zip line canopy tours, kayaking, waterfall rappeling, boat tours, water ski, and horseback riding. These fun tours will entertain you no matter what your preferences are and you can choose between adrenaline filled activities and more relaxing ways of spending your holiday – eating at traditional restaurants, fishing, watching wildlife (turtles, doplhins, humpback whales, falcons, birds), swimming, massage or simply laying in a hammock. Yoga sessions with trained professional staff are also provided on request.


Lapa’s Nest Tree House Other important attractions nearby are the Pacific Ocean (a few kilometers away from the house) and the retreat’s proximity to Panama. Apart from the Corcovado National Park, visitors can overlook and even visit the Baru Volcano and Chirripo Mountain. Testimonials of visitors who were accommodated at Lapa’s Nest Tree House will surely encourage you to choose this holiday destination. The retreat is mostly appreciated for its natural beauty and for the way it integrates into the encompassing forest. Visitors should not be concerned about how to cope with living so close to wildlife because the rooms are safe and comfortable and the owners are very helpful and friendly. You mustn’t worry about anything, just relax and discover the wonders awaiting you in every corner of this wildlife sanctuary.

Some visitors said that Lapa’s Nest is not very easy to get to, but they would come back at any time because they felt as if they were at home and because it’s definitely worth it!


Lapa’s Nest Tree House
Apdo 28, Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica
Costa Rica: 011-506-8372-3529
Seasonal: 508-237-0812

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