Limon Province


Costa Rica has seven provinces and each province has its own diverse qualities and attraction. One of these seven provinces of Costa Rica is Limon which has been blessed with a number of excellent and exotic places which makes it one of the most visited provinces of Costa Rica. It’s covered by water on one side while it shares its borders with neighboring provinces of Puntarenas, Heredia and Cartago and also shares borders with two countries namely Nicaragua and Panama. The climate is mostly wet with the dry season mostly visiting the province in the months of October and November.

Two Famous Tourist Attractions in Limon Province

There are many places which can captivate the mind of the tourists visiting Limon, however, there are some places whose beauty and quality and attraction remains unmatched. Two of the most famous attractions for tourists who visit Limon are La Ceiba and Veragua Rain forest Park. Both the locations are famous for their distinctive qualities which makes them better than other tourist locations within the province of Limon.

La Ceiba is basically a wild life park which contains a huge number of species of animals and birds. Tourists mostly naturists’ horde in great numbers every year to visit La Ceiba and watch some of the most liked and popular animals in this wild life park.

The Veragua Rain Forest Park is located in the rain forest and the tourists like this place as they are allowed to ride an open tram and get to view different animals, insects and birds in their natural habitats.

Why Tourists like visiting Limon Province

The main attraction for tourists who visit Limon basically lies in its diverse culture from other provinces of Costa Rica. Here, people are affected by the culture of the Caribbean people and reggae, calypso and soco music defines the culture of the province of Limon. Not only this but the popular dishes of the Caribbean like rice and beans are also very popular amongst the people here and the tourists eventually are lost in all the wonderful natural parks, waterfalls and rain forests which captivate their imagination to such a degree that they love visiting Limon again and again.

If you ever decide to visit Limon Province on your holidays or on your honeymoon, you can choose from a list of hotels, eco lodges and rental villas, a place of accommodation which would suit you the best.

There are a number of attractions that grace the Province of Limon, however the three main attractions of the province which are visited the most by tourists are mentioned below.

Thus, visiting Limon can help you in knowing about wild life a lot better and if you are a fan of natural parks and dense rain forests and aren’t deterred by the rainy seasons, then Limon should be very high on your list of holiday preferences.


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