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Do you want to try sleeping, eating, relaxing, storing and preparing your dive gear all in one place while in a voyage out to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast? If yes, then prepare for a week-long journey to Cocos Island and explore pristine underwater habitats while indulging yourself in an onboard luxury lifestyle.

Liveaboard or Nothing

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Before you experience the above-mentioned Pacific cruise, you have to be aware that Cocos island is not just a nearby site. It is located 550 kilometers (340 miles) offshore and it will take at least 30-hours by boat to reach the island. You should also know that there are no hotels in Cocos island as the Costa Rican Government has strictly imposed a No Human Settlement Policy since it has been declared a National Marine Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, you must live-out at sea in order for you to maximize this highly sought-after Pacific island holiday cruise.

With all these factors in hand, there’s only one way to go to Cocos island: sign-up with a liveaboard cruise or stay at home and continue wondering about what its really like to be diving in one of the World’s Best Scuba Diving Destination.

Spacious not Cramped

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If you are thinking that you will be living in a small and cramped rooms since you will be limited within the spaces provided within the vessel, then we might as well advise you to take a look or experience it for yourself. Based on guest who have already done a liveaboard journey to Cocos island, they said that the rooms are comfortably big and not small as what you will be expecting. This can be attributed to multi-deck space management and architectural design. Each room, called cabins that can accommodate 2 persons, is air-conditioned, has its own private bathroom and cabinets where you can store your belongings. Each room has even its own theme painting where you can choose from different motifs inspired from the marine wildlife that you will see in Cocos island.

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The liberty of enjoying space is not just confined within your cabins. Dining at the restaurant-style mess hall has become a signature experience in every liveaboard journey. While waiting for your meal to be served, you can relax and sit back in their comfortable dining seats and carpeted floor. As regard to the foods, never expect to eat fastfood or canned stuff while onboard. Everything is made using the freshest ingredient possible and intricately prepared by their in-house chef. While the fridge is constantly loaded with snacks and drinks at your disposal, you are given the freedom to bring your favorite snacks. Just make sure to bring a generous amount and share it to the group.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all cabins, dining hall and the main saloon. However, good news still awaits all smoking guest: with just a few steps up the sundeck, you can puff your favorite cigarette while having a great view of the island with a backdraft of the Pacific Ocean.

The Dive Deck: Store and Prepare your Scuba Equipment

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Unlike any other dive trips, especially the non-liveaboards, you may need to store all your diving equipment inside your room for safety purposes. This in turn consumes space inside your room and can become messy as water may drip-off.

With liveaboard dive boats, the dive deck is a specific place to store and prepare your gears. Usually, you are given your own dive rack where you can comfortably hang your wet gears and easily prepare it for the next trip to a specific dive site. There are water tanks that you can wash and rinse your gear after every dive. Take note that there is a separate rinsing area for underwater cameras and strobes as these equipment demands more delicate handling.

Finally, here’s the thing with liveaboard dive boats: you can have this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the twilight depths of Cocos Island without getting wet. So, if you are interested to do this Pacific island paradise vacation, you can read our related article about the Undersea Hunter Group which offers both liveaboard cruise and deep-sea submersible diving in Cocos island.

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