Montezuma: Beautiful Beach and Bohemian Town

The Beach in Montezuma

“Beach” isn’t a foreign word in Costa Rica’s vocabulary. In fact, beaches in this famed Central American country are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. Montezuma is one of Costa Rica’s most popular out-of-the-way beaches, especially to a younger or more adventurous crowd wanting to avoid mega resorts and traffic. With its vibrant atmosphere day in and day out, Montezuma guarantees an unforgettable beach trip for anyone looking for a postcard-like jungle beach experience.

Located in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma offers a perfect mix of locals and tourists coming from all walks of life as well as a thick blend of ethnicity, culture and flavor.

Budget and Luxury Trips

Whether you’re ready to splurge or control your funds, Montezuma assures a comfortable stay wherever you choose to check in. Hotel Lucy and Hotel el Parque are two of the top picks for the budget-conscious travelers. Amor de Mar or Los Mangos are recommended for those who are looking for a good value with excellent accommodations during their stay in this tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

Less Swimming, More Scenic

The shoreline of Montezuma town is picturesque but be warned it’s not the best beach for swimming. Understand that most people come here for the scene, not the swim. It’s more of a cosmopolitan beach for live entertainment. When the waves are smaller, it’s safe, but pools in hotels are recommended if you want a safer and quieter swim, especially if you brought children along. There are fantastic and safer beaches just outside of town, however, such as Playa Grande or Las Manchas.

But the scene isn’t the only thing that gets the tourists flocking this area. Even nature lovers have a place in Montezuma.

Costa Rica’s Oldest Nature Reserve Found in Montezuma

Montezuma isn’t only for those who thrive in the nightlife or who connive with artists, visionaries and other ‘hippies’ in the island. Nature lovers take refuge in Cabo Blanco – Costa Rica’s oldest nature reserve just 9 km south of Montezuma.

A Melting Pot of all that is Exciting

Montezuma is known to be a magical place where no boundaries seem to exist and no detail is left unnoticed. With all there is to see and experience in Montezuma, most visitors have chosen to become residents of this Costa Rica beach haven.

Starting off with a panoramic view of varied landscape, expect to meet myriads of people from all over the world, enjoy activities from surfing, snorkeling, yoga and falls-jumping–to name a few. Even eating in Montezuma provides a wide array of mouth-watering, international organic, vegetarian and Mediterranean feasts.

In this tropical paradise where you can be yourself and be as free as the birds hovering above, Montezuma is simply all about having a good time–and a really good one at that.

Getting to Montezuma

San Jose is a good take off point to get to Montezuma. Airline SANSA makes two trips daily and gets you to Tambor from the San Jose airport while Nature Air departs from Tobias Bolaños Airport–both a 28-minute long flight. For those who brought their cars along with them, they can drive towards Puntarenas and take the ferry to Paquera dropping you off at the Nicoya Peninsula. There are plenty shuttle services that run twice a day at a reasonable cost. Taking the bus is another route. You can get to “La Coca Cola” bus station in San Jose and take the direct bus to Montezuma.

A Few Places to Stay Near Montezuma

Amor de Mar

Anamaya Resort

Awaken Retreats

Nature Lodge

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