Nosara B & B Retreat

Opened in 2004 as a cozy bed and breakfast, Nosara B & B Retreat was formerly a private home. Then they made an open-air covered pavilion for larger groups and arranging events, ceremonies and retreats. In Nosara, its authentic jungle resort is considered as one of the premier destinations for gatherings and group retreats. This 3+ acre property area is within close distance to beaches, nature trails, dining and many more things.


Spreading the idea of sustainable living and also to improve community connections is the vision behind establishing Nosara B & B Retreat. They encourage people to maintain sustainable lifestyle, to use eco friendly products, to produce organic foods and to discover how they really can heal themselves as well as serve the nature and preserve the natural beauty of this earth. They also welcome the guests to participate in the Nosara recycling program.


Nosara B & B Retreat offers accommodations for both of the retreat groups and the guests of bed and breakfast. They offer all the comfortable facilities and amenities to ensure the guests can enjoy relaxed stay. They can also arrange in-house spa and massage treatment, cleansing, hands-on-healing and nutritional counseling and all these are given by professionals. Accommodation facilities also include laundry service, WiFi and concierge service.

Standard Rooms

These rooms are featured with private bathrooms with hot water showers. Elegantly designed with colorful ceramic night-lights and rustic touch, these rooms offer cozy and casual atmosphere. These rooms are decorated with wooden furniture and crafted by local artisans. There are balconies and terraces from where you can enjoy watching amazing view of jungle gardens. In most of the rooms you will find a single and a double bed. Room facility also includes a free daily breakfast of local foods, and fresh Costa Rican coffee.

Standard Room With Kitchen:

Nosara B & B Retreat also offers standard rooms with kitchen. These rooms have all the facilities and amenities that you will get in standard rooms. Moreover it features a private kitchen where you can prepare your own food. There you will find bender, coffee maker, stove and refrigerator. You can get filtered water at the reception area.

Private Villa With Kitchen:

Nosara B & B Retreat offers deluxe, private villas with all the facilities and amenities that you will find in standard rooms. These villas provide more privacy, more freedom with more space.

Ecological Aspects:

Nosara B & B Retreat is an ecologically minded hotel. They use biodegradable cleaning products and keep their surroundings as green as it is possible by adding different species of local fruit trees, flowers and vines. There is a gray water system for irrigation and they recycle the garden and food waste in organic compost for plants. They are also actively engaged in the recycling program in the area. They make rich and organic fertilizer by burning their scarp cardboard and paper and mixing them with other natural waste products.


Nosara B & B Retreat has a nursery where there produce local plant seeds so that it can be spread around the property. They are also experimenting with many organic seed varieties. Guests get delicious meals prepared with the fresh organic food products directly from the property garden.


The property area is habitat for many wild animals and birds like monkeys, hummingbirds, parrots, pizotes, butterflies, armadillos, iguanas, mapaches, squirrels, geckos, toads and many more. This retreat border a protected forest area and within few minutes distance, there is a large nature preserve that is home to different species of animals and colorful birds.

Bring Your Retreat:

If you are seeking a place for hosting your retreat or educational course or just for gathering, you can choose Nosara B&B Retreat. You will just have to reserve the rooms and choose your meals and confirm with a deposit.

Classes and Events:

While staying at Nosara B&B Retreat, you can enjoy a variety of classes which are available to local participants and hotel guests. These classes are about yoga, movement, culture and knowledge. They also offer ancestral ceremonies, inspirational events and classes.


Nosara B&B Retreat

200 Meters North from Rancho Suizo
Playa Pelada, Nosara 50206
Costa Rica
Tel USA: 415-323-5768
Tel CR: 011-506-2682-0209

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