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Outward Bound Costa Rica is a non-profit educational and outdoor adventure institution based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Its main goal is to motivate people to venture out and try out new things in an unfamiliar setting, to help them develop character traits and find out about their capabilities and allow people to develop intercultural competence through new experiences. Costa-Rica-Outward-Bound-2Outward Bound was established in 1941 during the World War II in order to help sailors survive out in the sea. Its tagline was ‘learning through experiences’. Its leaders were Sir Lawrence Holt, a British shipping magnate and a German educator called Kurt Hahn. As the years passed by, Outward Bound expanded its services and became one of the top adventure and educational organization in the world. The institute was founded in Costa Rica in the year of 1991 in the province of San Jose. It allows adventurers to participate in different activities, discover their potential and innate abilities and learn about cultures. For a fun, educational and unique getaway to the tropical wonderland, Outward Bound Costa Rica is one of the best organizations to join.

Outward Bound Costa Rica Programs

Outward Bound Costa Rica offers numerous venturesome options to travelers that are full of excitement and thrill. You can try out surfing, sport fishing, cruising and sailing, hiking, white water rafting, river kayaking, wildlife and nature tours, waterfall rappelling, snorkeling, scuba diving, tree climbing, volcano tours, canopy tours and zip lining, tropical cultural experience, Spanish language courses and there’s plenty more.

Guests are provided with accommodations, transport service, breakfasts and meals and equipment needed during the trips. Moreover, the institute is able to fulfill the variety of dietary requirements including vegetarian, gluten-free and allergies.

Some of the popular programs offered by the institute are:

Summer Expeditions

Costa-Rica-Outward-Bound-3-300x200The summer courses feature an awesome fusion of daring adventure and activities in the tropical country. These activities allow people to learn vital life skills, gain confidence and get an insight of foreign cultures and customs and traditions.

Gap Year and Semester Courses

It is an ideal program for recent high school graduates and college students over the age of 17. The program enables young people to learn and develop many great qualities such as tenacity, endurance, leadership traits, personal development and growth.

Girl Scout Destination

Girl Scouts Program focuses on leadership, personal development, growth and learning through new adventures, experiences and discussion groups. Join a volunteer and service program, explore the jungles, go waterfall trekking and learn amazing things.

Contact Outward Bound Costa Rica

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Website: http://costaricaoutwardbound.org/
Phone Number: +1(800)676-2018
Email: info@OutwardBoundCR.org
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OutwardBoundCR

Outward Bound Costa Rica – An Adventurous Holiday

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