Pachira Lodge


Pachira Lodge

Located in close proximity to the popular Tortuguero National Park, the 34-acre Pachira Lodge faces the main canal of the town and is prettily surrounded by a picturesque landscape of linked canals along with an ecologically rich setting. The area where Pachira is located is known to be one of the most incredibly bio-diverse regions of Costa Rica. This stunning paradise is famous for its rugged wilderness appeal, while still allowing guests to enjoy luxury in the lap of nature. The relaxed aura of Pachira Lodge together with its sustainable tourism initiatives and ‘giving back to the local community’ efforts have earned it wide acclaim from a cross-section of tourists. One of the most intriguing experiences here is the lack of roads, which leaves boat trips as the only way to travel around the lodge.  The property features a nice array of family friendly amenities along with comfortable services, neatly maintained premises (immaculately manicured gardens) and buffet meals. Guests can also enjoy easy entry to the Tortuguero National Park that houses over 11 diverse habitats, about 2000 plant species and more than 400 varieties of trees. Pachira Lodge strives to amalgamate the rustic essence of a true-blue eco-lodge with the plush feel of a comfortable holiday property.

Tours and Amenities

Pachira Lodge provides patrons a wide selection of natural experiences ranging from optional activity tours to restful in-house amenities. Visitors can enjoy relaxing the huge turtle shaped swimming pool (complemented by a whirlpool tub and wading pool no less) along with the ultimate luxury offering Chocolate Deluxe Body Treatment ($ 95 USD for a session that lasts for about an hour and half). The most spectacular experience here has to be the seasonal turtle nesting tours (Tortuguero is a popular Caribbean hotspot for viewing the Green Turtle nesting natural phenomenon), which draws hordes of tourists from all over the world. Other action-packed pursuits include canoeing, river/beach kayaking and canoeing.

Service and Rooms

Pachira has a bunch of warm, attentive and personalized service offering staff, who are well-trained in going out of the way for ensuring the comfort of their guests. Their knowledgeable, well-informed and friendly guides will pull out all stops to acquaint guests with the abundant beauty of their natural surroundings, while taking them to little known spots for savoring unusual natural experiences. Pachira Lodge has comfortable and naturally elegant looking wood cabinas, with each cabina featuring four guest rooms (elevated ceilings), snug king sized beds and charmingly old-fashioned bamboo furniture for adding traces of an innate back-to-nature aura. All cabinas open up to a private and perfectly maintained garden. In addition to this, all 88 rooms boast of a spacious, neat, airy and practical appearance.


The single night two days package is priced at $249 USD for single occupancy and $ 209 USD for double occupancy. Likewise, there is a two nights three days package stay that puts you back by $ 329 USD for single and $ 289 USD for double occupancy. Day tours are priced at $ 99 USD for single and double occupancy.



Pachira Lodge 

Tel: (506) 2257-2242
(506) 2256-6340
(506) 2256-7080
(506) 8830-9956

Fax: (506) 2223-1119

P.O.Box 1818-1002,
San José, Costa Rica






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