Pacuare Jungle Lodge


Pacuare Jungle Lodge

Pacuare  Jungle Lodge is nestled along the banks of the beautiful Pachuare River in the scenic Caribbean region. It is perfect for enjoying the pristine natural appeal of the region along with the plush aura of a first class vacation retreat.  The lodge has also undertaken many sustainable policies such as solar-heating, reforestation and others that are aimed at conserving the region’s natural resources.  The lodge’s earnest, resourceful and devoted efforts at preserving its ecological wonders has been noticed by the World Tourism Organization, which has marked it as a fine example in eco-tourism and conservation practices. Constructed within the premises of a 25,000 acre enclosed area, the lodge offers a large number of rustically charming services such as candlelight dinners, a plethora of high action adventure pursuits and off beat honeymoon packages.  In addition to the preservation of a 740 hectare virgin rainforest, Pacuare Jungle Lodge has a fine tradition of top-notch service, a warm ambiance, fastidious safety policies and a warm ‘akin to home’ hospitality that has helped it attain the highest  sustainability tourism ratings awarded by the Costa Rican government.  Pacuare attempts to offers its visitors an authentic Costa Rican Caribbean style adventure minus the frills and without causing any damage to the land’ s oft chronicled natural resources.

Tours and Amenities   

Pacuare Lodge is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure freaks with its impressive line-up of activities for savoring the Caribbean’s untamed natural energy.  Guests can enjoy an array of activities such as hiking along the labyrinth jungle paths, rafting on the Pacuare River and wildlife spotting at the thrill inducing primordial forest. In-house facilities at Pacuare Lodge include a swimming pool, massage therapy experts (enjoy de-stressing massages in the lap of nature) and a stylish restaurant and bar (serving an inventive menu of global cuisine and creative cocktails against a surreal Caribbean sunset landscape).

The lodge also organizes an exciting assortment of optional tours , including a Pacuare River canopy tour, an adventure river tour in a striking riparian setting, a daylong activity tour, a tour of the tropical canyon and the thoughtful One  World Expedition “Plant a Tree” activity.


Pacuare has a wide range of accommodations to suit all types of vacationers. There is the innately stylish and well-appointed Canopy Honeymoon Suite, which features among other stellar furnishings, tasteful looking teak floors and thatched roofs. Apart from the perfectly appointed furnishings, every suite has a private suspension that directly leads up to a platform (that provides striking vantage point views of the neighboring river and rainforest). Each suite is comfortably furnished with a king size bed, fine 300 thread Egyptian linens, a sprawling stone make bathroom replete with solar heated showers, a covered terrace (adorned with relaxing hammocks and sofas), a spring fed pool and a stunning view offering sundeck and an ambiance that promises complete seclusion.

In addition to regular amenities that are similar to all rooms, the swanky Linda Vista Suites feature comfy leather chairs, an expansive living room, an open-air shower, an indoor shower, a mini bar, a private spring fed pool and a relaxing hammock. The convenience marries luxury River View Suites are equipped with a private terrace that opens up to lovely looking gardens. The suites feature restful hammocks for lazy lounging sessions, indoor and open air solar heated showers.  There are Garden View Bungalows that offer sweeping vistas of Pacuare’s lush gardens and are each decked with a nice futon couch and superb views of the surrounding rainforest. Jungle View Rooms are the newest additions within Pacuare’s premises and are more customized for families and travelling groups.

Room Rates

High season rates for double occupancy at the Garden View Suite is $ 413 USD, similarly the rates for a River View Suite, a Honeymoon and Linda Vista Suite is $ 487 USD, $ 561 USD and $ 647 USD respectively.


Pacuare Jungle Lodge 

Toll free from US & Canada: 1-800-963-1195
Toll-free from UK: 0800-051-6420


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