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Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp is located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula in a little coastal town of Montezuma in Costa Rica. The surf camp provides an ultimate surf camp experience by offering a variety of surf packages, accommodations, additional activities and a cordial ambiance. Whether you wish to have a thrilling surf venture with your loved ones, to explore the tropical city and try out new things as a backpacker, to simply improve your surfing skills or just want to have a nice time under the sultry skies of Costa Rica, Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp will make your getaway memorable and utterly splendid.

A Wonderful Day at Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp

Peaks 'n Swells Surf Camp 2 Spend some days at Peaks ‘n Swells and learn a lot more than surfing. The camp has yoga and Pilates sessions for all the guests who are interested in staying healthy. The best time to practice yoga and exercise is early in the morning. The sessions are held on an oceanfront platform conducted by professional yogis. Afterwards, guests are served with a delicious breakfast consisting of fresh fruits such as mangoes, papayas, pineapples as well as a Tico specialty called Gallo Pinto, richly brewed coffee and eggs. Sometime later, students can warm up for their upcoming surf class. A best way to prepare your body is to hike along the nature reserve. Not only you get to stretch but also get to witness some of the most beautiful scenic panoramas. Now it is time to ride the waves. The surf classes are conducted by professional surf coaches who group and teach students according to their skills. When the lesson has ended, students can freshen up, have a yummy smoothie and a scrumptious meal.

Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp arranges different activities for their guests so that they can take a break from surfing now and then. You can hike to the waterfalls, go horseback riding, have snorkeling and scuba diving adventures, go ocean kayaking and have numerous fun adventures. When you wish to relax, have a quiet time in a hammock, enjoy sunset cocktails and indulge in spa treatments.

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Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp has three houses surrounded by the ocean, beach and verdant jungles. The location of houses is quite beautiful, remote and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Guests can enjoy a peaceful time in a secluded and private environment. The surf camp can sleep up to 10 people at a time. Each house has a unique and charming design. You can choose to stay in the tree house, beach house or the villa. They have a modernized kitchen, washing machine, ice machine, wireless internet connection and hammocks.

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Location: Metros Norte De La Escuela, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 604 967 2117 and 011 506 642 0067
Facebook Page:

A Surf Adventure in Montezuma with Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp

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