Playa de los Artistas

Playa de los Artistas is situated in a hidden place just within short walking distance to the south of the main beach in Montezuma. Along the side of the road, you will find only a small sign that mark the way of the restaurant.


As this restaurant is set within a few steps to the beach, the atmosphere of this restaurant is cool and refreshing. For furnishing, they used wooden tables spread around the covered patio. There is also a open garden area. For the interior artwork used which are collected  from Argentina, Brasil, Italy and many other countries. There is a secluded little spot in one corner so you can enjoy your romantic time in privacy. You will find this place absolutely perfect for enjoying a date night with your loved one or can also enjoy a special occasion. Its soft electronic music and dim lighting will make our dining experience more enjoyable.


This place was one a small Tico house. Daniel and Nicola was traveling over from Rome, Italy in 1994 and they found this place perfect for establishing their dream restaurant. Since then it is


Playa de los Artistas prepares it delicious dishes in two places-one is a large outdoor grill and wood-burning oven and a small kitchen in the owners’ home that is behind the dining area. Eaveryday they make handwritten menu describing what fresh is available that day. Chefs Martin of Argentina and Nicola of Rome try hard to give something unique in their every single dish. You can try their fresh caught octopus which are grilled and served over crostini. They serve delicious pork ribs which are cooked slowly and you love the flavor of rum and honey glaze on this dish. At this restaurant, seafood is the main draw and if you are a seafood lover, you will obviously love their whole grilled fresh catch of the day. You can also try ‘Carpaccio’ that is a dish prepared with raw fish cut evenly into very thin slices and covered in a delicious sauce. They serve home-made bread and desserts, fresh fish and lobster which are just right out of the Nicoya and prepared for serving onto your plate. You can also try their wood-oven pizza.


This restaurant remains open ten months out of the year-November through August. During high season (December – April, as well as July & August), they open for lunch and dinner and serve the food from 12:00pm to 8:30pm. During the month of November, May and June serving time change slightly and only dinner being served from 4:00pm onward

You will have to pay cash as they o not accept Credit cards. As this restaurant remains quite busy, it is better to reserve early.


Address: Across the street from Los Mangos hoteMontezuma, Costa Rica
Call: (506) 2642-0920

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