Punta Mona


Everyone wants to play more they work. Such unimaginable life scenarios are only possible in a self-sustaining community such as Punta Mona, located in Costa Rica. Designing your own life, and all things included, providing everything you need for yourself, by yourself all are essential parts of living in a sustainable community. Punta Mona is a center for sustainability and education as well. Here you can spend time having fun and learning about all aspects of sustainable life with some of the pioneers, speaking from a modern perspective, in this area. Punta Mona means “the Monkey Point” in Spanish.


Punta Mona image This sustainable community is located on the southern Caribbean coast. About eight kilometers to the north is a town of Manzanillo and about ten kilometers south is the small town of Gandoca. It is hidden in the jungle, with no main roads leading to it, but it is not far from the coast. Visitors often hike from Manzanillo or they take a boat ride. All the way there has a chance to get introduced to the local wildlife and many other attractions. People visiting are either guests and visitors, or interns and volunteers. It is a very active community with an emphasis on education in many different areas.


Activities include learning about permaculture and it’s design opportunities, practicing Yoga and learning to be a Yoga instructor, Herbalism, being a part of various workshops and retreats (Punta Mona even houses school groups), and many other job opportunities, internships, and volunteering positions.

This all began back in the nineties when school groups, lead by Stephen Brooks who was at the time the head of Costa Rican Adventures company, looked for a closed off, remote place near the beach. Very soon they began purchasing lots and it grew from there.

People practicing Yoga The location itself is a closed off, remote beach. It looks of course consistent with the activities being done there. It has lots of gardens used for growing foods and plants used in various different practices, and of course centers for education and accommodation. Also, here people learn how to build homes like cabins and tree houses, using the renewable materials and resources found right there in the jungle.

Punta Mona sustainable community for education offers a really incredible socializing and learning  experience. People planning on becoming a part of any sustainable community or interested in any subject learn everything they need right here. It is an adventure, self-reflection, growth, and progression through finding your way back to the nature and the inherent.
In many ways, it is a way back to yourself.


Punta Mona
13225 Biscayne Island Terrace
North Miami
E-MAIL : contact@puntamona.org
Website: http://puntamona.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puntamonacenter/

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