Puntarenas Province

By Hilary

One of the beautiful beaches of Tambor, in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica

There is no doubt that Costa Rica has been gifted with some of the world’s most exotic beaches and beautiful forests. One of the most visited provinces of Costa Rica is Puntarenas Province, which is the largest province of Costa Rica and lies on the Pacific side of the country. The best thing about the province is that it experiences so many different climates and has a little bit of everything that any tourist may want. There are tropical rainforests as well as tropical dry rainforests, and its many different national parks and biological reserves are also worth visiting.

Two Famous Tourist Attractions in Puntarenas

There are many tourists attractions within the brilliant and beautiful Puntarenas Province but the two most visited and the most popular among tourists have to be the Jaco Beach and the Cocos Island National Park. The Jaco Beach covers around 4km. since it’s located in an area which is pollution free, the water seems tremendously attractive. It’s an excellent and ideal place for hiking, surfing, sunning, water related games as well as the other typically played beach games.

The cocos Island National Park is the second attraction in the province. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It’s famous for its history of being the main hide out of many pirates and thus, contains hidden treasures. However, the biggest attraction is the humongous species of birds found here. It’s mostly visited by scientists and naturalists who are overwhelmed by the beauty and serenity of the place.

Why Tourists like Visiting Puntarenas Province

There are many reasons why tourists visit the Puntarenas Province, one of which is the fact that the place is full of cultural and natural beauty. The different biological reserves are nothing short of brilliant and captivate their viewers and catch their imagination while the Puntarenas City makes tourists go mad with the brilliant and different kinds of sea food available to be eaten. The regional delights along with all kinds of international sea food are available on Costa Rica’s ex-main sea port. The National parks are also worth visiting and tempt tourists with the different species of birds and animals which aren’t found in other parts of the world.

Accommodation is never a problem in Puntarenas and you can choose rental villas, hotels or an eco-lodge as your home while you visit these beautiful places within Puntarenas.

One of the best rental villas in Puntarenas is Luxurious Panoramic Ocean View Villa.

However, if you want to book a hotel, then there is none better than Arenal Kioro.

However, if it suits you better, you can also choose an eco-lodge like Whales & Dolphins Ecolodge Hotel Puntarenas

You can choose a number of things to do and different locations to visit, however, three of the best main attractions include

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