Pura Tierra

 Pura Tierra

Your journey to a healthy and natural way of life begins today. Life in a sustainable community has and is being considered Heaven on Earth, especially in Costa Rica. Here you can have a life that you only imagined and never spoke of. If you are new to the term ‘sustainable community’ or ‘eco-village’, don’t worry, it will be clear in the next few words; living in nature, living with nature, being independent from heavy and light industry, enjoying peace and health, being self-sufficient and making the World a better place.


kids-in-pura-tierraPura Tierra is an eco-village located in southern Costa Rica and is only a ten minute drive off of the Pacific coast. It is situated at the top of the Escaleras hill, in between Dominical, a small beach town known to be a surfers paradise, and Uvita, a part of the Marino Ballena National Park. Many attractive locations are very near, including Playa de Jaco, one of the greatest tourist centers on the whole coast, only about 40 km to the north.


The soil is highly bio-diverse and mostly covered with green rain forests. The flora and fauna include a wide variety of plants that bring all kinds of benefits including food for people and the wildlife, and of course alternative building materials. There are many possibilities of course for building your own gardens and starting with your own production. Irrigation is best done by recycling the used water from your own lot, and there are also quite a high number of possibilities for hydro power usage. The climate is warm, with a cool ocean breeze at night. It most of the time resembles a warm spring or summer in the States.

Mountain view

pura tierra mountain viewMost of the lots have a view on the spectacular Mount Chirripo to the east. It is the tallest mountain range in Central America. Amongst the attractions mentioned before, Pura Tierra is also close to Playa Hermosa, which means ‘a beautiful beach’ in Spanish, Playa Dominicalito, Playa Ventanas, etc.… And the truly wonderful attractions of this whole area are the spectacular waterfalls, which are scattered all around.


Fun activities include surfing and water sports, and also mountain biking, hiking, traveling, observing wildlife, discovering rare plants and flowers, yoga, solar yoga, meditation, etc.… But, the fun doesn’t stop there, because all of the work people in this community do is essential to this way of life, and therefore brings even more enjoyment. Activities like building your own place to live and everything that comes with it from natural materials found on your own lot, working on your own gardens and on the shared gardens as well, gathering all sorts of nuts, fruits and veggies, recycling, etc.


Pura Tierra
Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Call: 1-587-920-8585
email: info@puratierra.org 
Website: http://Puratierra.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PuraTierra/info

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