Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village

Pura Vida Sunset

Costa Rica is a country of fantastic natural beauty and delicate ecosystems. Costa Rica remains one of the safest and most attractive country for private property investment in Latin America. Unfortunately, though it was easy to find a beautiful lot in the area for under $50,000 even several years ago, now that’s next to impossible. Only few real state companies can offer you an attractive piece of land to purchase and Pura Vida Sunsets is one of them. These properties have taken steps to significantly reduce waste, toxicity, and consumption of resources. Pura Vida Sunsets, developed by Geoff McCabe ( a professional fire dancer, owner of Tropisphere Real Estate and also founder of Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary), is for the people who desire to have a property but cannot afford the high prices in the Montezuma and Malpais areas.

Eco House

eco house Eco House  is a combination of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainable living and serves to demonstrate environmental technologies from the past, present and future. Houses usually designed and constructed in way that it can reduce the consumption of energy and also the building’s negative impact on the surroundings. An Eco house is a combination of sustainable design, sustainable construction and sustainable lifestyle. Pura Vida Sunset Eco Village has Eco Houses which also intend  to work with each client individually to design the perfect house according to their dreams and needs. Since building in Costa Rica, especially in a remote area such as Montezuma, these Eco Houses  are designed to be as problem-free as possible. There is a lot of outdoor living space, lots of natural light and great air flow within each Eco House of Pura Vida Sunset Eco Village. If you want to have a small Eco house a lot of covered outside space, small bedrooms, and simple form, but would still be very cute and livable and cost very lower price, it is also possible as Pura Vida Sunset Eco Village is at your service.

Montezuma area

beautiful montezuma beaches Montezuma is considered as the jewel of Costa Rica and as a tropical Paradise where you can spend a memorable time. The natural beauty and wildlife will make you appreciate your life. You will enjoy the local culture and also accompanied by the local people and the tourists from every corner of the world who have settled here. Blending of local customs and foreign influence makes the place unique and rich. You will find many hotels, yoga centers, restaurants, gift shops, and many more.  This blend of foreign influence with the local customs and way of life creates in Montezuma a rich, unique culture.




Green Building

Extended Shaded Roof Green Building  is known as green construction or sustainable building. Green buildings of the Pura Vida Eco Village include all the important factors including:

Extended shade roofs: This kind of shade roof is usually made to prevent the heat of the sun entering the house and keep the house cool by creating lots of shade. This type of roof also have expanding portion that make some extended outdoor areas underneath and give the place a tropical touch.

Cross Ventilation: Cross Ventilation is also very important factor for Green building. While staying at the Pura Vida Green Building, you will enjoy breezes blowing from all around through the windows.

Natural Lighting: At Pura Vida Green Building you will not need to turn on light at day time as there are glass blocks mounted in the ceilings and walls to project natural sunlight into dark corners.


Pura Vida Sunset Eco Village
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