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Rancho Delicioso is an eco village and permaculture volunteer project for people interested in an ecological, healthy, and artistic lifestyle. The 8 hectare estate is placed in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, close to Montezuma and Santa Teresa and it promotes tropical Green buildings and a life based on natural resources. Rancho Delicioso is a living community and a producer of fresh organic food.


Volunteer House The objectives set by the retreat’s creator, Geoff McCabe, revolve around local , organic farming, green sustainable building, and recycling. The research on Eco agriculture and building is shared on the Internet and those interested in learning more about these subjects are invited to bring their contribution as volunteers.

If you choose to be a volunteer at Rancho Delicioso, you should be prepared for some hard working and also consider the fees are kept as accessible as possible and that you will be provided with enough fresh, local vegetarian food. It will be more than anything a learning experience and anyone who want to get involved is welcomed in this retreat.

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Volunteer House:

Volunteer house specially designed with green color and beautiful mural. This house is comfortable for staying during the dry season but for rainy season it will need to add more walls. 4 people can stay together in this volunteer house and there is space for tents also if a person or couple wants more privacy and can bring their own tent.


Volunteers Monica and Amanda making kale chips in the volunteer house Activities include farm manual working, taking care of animals, general maintenance of the retreat, cooking, providing ideas for ongoing projects, Internet research and promotion. Volunteers will be granted the necessary resources and framework to implement their ideas, but will also have responsibilities such as respecting the work schedule, cooking their meals, doing most of their laundry and using only organic cosmetic/cleaning products. If you join this retreat as a volunteer, in your spare time you will be able to visit the beach nearby and  the closest towns of Montezuma and Santa Teresa, where you will find  if needed, restaurants, hospitals and banks.  This part of the country is rather safe (in what concerns criminality and health issues such as malaria) and the climate is warm and nice, even during the rainy season. Another advantage of volunteering here is that you will enjoy free-of-charge yoga classes at Anamaya Resort.

Green Building:

One of the most important areas of interest at Rancho Delicioso is green sustainable building techniques. Some of the ideas implemented here are bricks made from local materials, using living trees as building elements, using recycled materials such as glass and plastic etc.


Rancho Delicioso
200m Norte y Oeste de la Escuela Delicias
Cobano, Puntarenas 60111
Costa Rica
Phone: +560 8844-4726
Email: geoff@anamaya.com
Website: http://ranchodelicioso.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deliciosorancho/info

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