Rancho Margot


When referring to Rancho Margot, the key words for describing it are sustained, self-sufficiency, community development, environmental education, ecological agriculture, and yoga. Rancho Margot offers to its visitors a complex experience of relaxation, of learning and of discovering the nature. It is a family business which has managed to change radically within a decade a former barren cattle ranch into a living green paradise, whose inhabitants are respectful of the natural resources and live according to nature’s rhythms. The retreat’s owners see it as an ongoing experiment where brilliant and wise ideas are implemented in order to achieve natural reforestation, propagation of indigenous species, and community education.


The property is located in an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, in the middle of the rainforest. A very important tourist attraction near the retreat is the Arenal Volcano, which has been active for the last 50 years and is the subject of research studies due to its landform and to the flora and fauna which inhabit the mountain.


Rancho Margot accommodation The accommodation is first-rate, all meals are ensured and visitors can also opt for a guided ranch-tour and for two yoga sessions each day. You can choose to be accommodated in roomy comfortable bungalows or in bunkhouses at more affordable rates, and still enjoying all the facilities of Rancho Margot. The activities proposed by the retreat are various and suits every possible preference.


The first attraction for visitors looking for active recreation are the Rancho Margot’s natural pools, whose pure water comes from cascades in the neighboring mountains. Hiking will provide visitors with plenty of gorgeous scenery to be seen: panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano, of the ArenalLake and of the GuanacasteMountains, surprising snapshots of the rain forest, and walks in the retreat’s decorative and medicinal gardens. If you are rather the adrenaline-addicted type, you can try canopy zipline, water rafting, hanging bridges, and canyoneering. Moreover, the retreat is available for those wishing to organize their wedding there; all the necessary arrangements are provided. The Rancho Margot is thereby suitable for all kinds of visitors: individuals, families, couples, groups of friends.


Women practicing Yoga If you want to get even more involved in building the community of Rancho Margot, volunteers are very much welcome and will be rewarded with free stays at the retreat. They are required to bring their contribution for a month and to be experienced in yoga, agriculture, customer service, marketing, cooking, and construction or in household activities.

Volunteers as well as guests will notice that learning is at the top of all activities in Rancho Margot. The eco-lodge runs a project named “Rancho Margot’s Eco-Literacy Student Learning” which focuses on discovering the wildlife of the rain forest, on organic agriculture and reforestation, on recycling, and on cooking fresh healthy meals. There is also the possibility of taking Spanish language classes. Yoga is another central point in the learning experience at Rancho Margot, along with healthy nutrition, Reiki, and holistic medicine.

So far, Rancho Margot can pride itself for achievements like: natural reforestation of the area, helping the local flora and fauna to develop and thrive, efficient practices of Agroforestry and permaculture, producing most of the food and energy the retreat needs by using hydroelectric generators and compost heat exchange and many others. It is the perfect holiday destination for those who are in search of active recreation and are interested learning new things and in keeping the planet clean and safe for the generations to come.


Rancho Margot
Telephone:  (+506) 8302-7318
Website: http://ranchomargot.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ranchomargot
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