Rancho Mastatal

Rancho Mastatal

Rancho Mastatal is first of all an eco-village promoting sustainable living, and, secondly, and even more important, it aspires to achieve social and environmental justice. The main concerns of this community range from organic agriculture and eco-friendly architecture to holistic medicine and education areas such as politics, environment protection, economy, social security. It is a whole philosophy behind everything happening in this retreat so that everyone here enjoys the perfect exotic experience and at the same time learns about living responsibly and in harmony with nature.

If you choose to spend your holiday here, you won’t regret sticking to this place because it offers you the chance to see almost everything most representative in Costa Rica: the close La Cangreja National Park, various animals and plants, including endangered species, organic gardens, indigenous reserves and rain-forests.


Interior of HoochAccommodation consists of a large number of naturally built cozy cottages, at rates more affordable than other similar retreats in Costa Rica. Each construction is unique and made out of local natural building materials (bamboo, cob, wattle and daub, light clay, natural plasters and wood and stone). All the facilities provided are designed taking into account their impact on environment while one of the retreat’s objectives is producing itself as much as possible of the energy and food it needs. Besides the living areas, the housing complex includes a classroom, a library, composting toilets and showers, all located in the middle of 500 acres of rainforest, rivers and waterfalls to be explored. The retreat is proud of the healthy delicious food it offers to its visitors and it is one of the most appreciated aspects of the Rancho Mastatal experience. Visitors should know that cleaning products must also be organic, and that they can find full support and advice to the staff. Cellphone signal is not guaranteed at the ranch but you can find public phones and Internet cafes nearby in the town of Mastatal.


Women practicing YogaOne of the most important activities which take place at the Rancho Mastatal is educational. The core of the workshops and internships organized at this retreat is teaching people how to live sustainably using permaculture and natural building techniques. These areas of interest are linked to efforts of preserving the tropical forest. Other subjects people can learn about at these courses are recycling, sustainable energy, holistic medicine and yoga. As other similar retreats, Rancho Mastatal organizes Spanish language lessons as well.

Life Changing Experience:

Volunteering is the simplest way you can truly get an idea about an eco-friendly lifestyle in a retreat like Rancho Mastatal. It is a life-changing experience, you have the opportunity to make friends and change your perception on living habits. If you like the feeling of belonging to a close-knit community and at the same time you are responsible for your actions and the way they influence the other, if you are a hard working and willing to learn person, and, most of all, if you are tolerant, this is the perfect place for you and you are very much welcome.


Rancho Mastatal
100 mts NO Centro de Acopio, Mastatal, Puriscal 185-6000
Phone: 011-506-2200-0920
email: info@ranchomastatal.com
Website: http://www.ranchomastatal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ranchomastatal/

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