Río Magnolia Nature Lodge, Costa Rica


Nestled some 12 miles from the coast, Rio Magnolia Nature Lodge is situated between Manuel Antonio Park and the Osa Peninsula. From the lodge one can easily enjoy the ocean view and rain forest view. If you love to spend a vacation with lots of fun and adventure activities as well as also to have luxurious facilities, then Rio Magnolia Nature Lodge is perfect place for you. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy both worlds, venturing out on adventures during the day and returning to the lodge to get relaxed at night. 



Rio-Magnolia-lodge Rio Magnolia Nature Lodge offers accommodation facilities that are clean, comfortable as well as well equipped. All the rooms are featured with ceiling fan though the environment remains cool almost throughout the year. In each room you will also find queen size bed with soft white lines and cozy duvets, private bathroom with hot water supply, and there are also large windows through which you will enjoy amazing jungle views and ocean views. It is really enjoyable to enjoy the nearby rain forest view from the bathroom while taking shower. Each bathroom also include shampoo and liquid soap in refillable bottles. From the private terraces you will enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. The lodge remains crowd free as their are relatively small number of rooms and less number of people can stay together.


Rio Magnolia Nature lodge offers a complementary breakfast as well as local fruits, yogurt and granola, bacon and eggs, banana pancakes, omelets and even huevos rancheros. You will also enjoy fresh coffee as this lodge prepare the coffee just come from their own coffee plantation. You will find slightly smaller items at the lunch hour but the foods are really delicious. At the evening you can enjoy a pre-dinner drink and complementary appetizer and enjoy the beautiful sunset view from the terrace. Each day during dinner time you will find different dishes consists of three course meal. If any guest have any kind of food allergy or other dietary restrictions, the lodge restaurant can serve preferred dish.


The surrounding area of the lodge offers a lot of options to enjoy adventure activities. If you go for hiking, you will obviously love ti head out on hiking trails that wind through the 280 acre property and one of those will lead to a wonderful waterfall. In the infinity swimming pool, you will enjoy afternoon soaking. You can take help from a guide to enjoy hiking as well as to spot wild animals, different species of birds and insects. You can also go for a tour to the onsite coffee plantation to watch how coffee is grown and processed. People who want to take part in volunteer task, they can plant trees on the property. This lodge is committed to maintain sustainability and you will find 220 acres of the property are protected primary and secondary forest. 


Río Magnolia Nature Lodge, Costa Rica
Website: http://www.riomagnolia.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/R%C3%ADo-Magnolia-Nature-Lodge-Costa-Rica/123491977681574
Email: info@riomagnolia.com
Phone: 506-8493-2506 or 506-8868-5561

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