River and Sea Kayaking: Paddle Your Way Through Costa Rica

River and Sea Kayaking are two exhilarating ways to explore Costa Rica’s riversides, rustling waters and calm blue oceans. They’re also great means to get you to exploring small caves, untouched beaches and forests situated in the country.

Many regions in the world have used kayaks as mode of transportation and trade many, many years ago, Costa Rica being one of them. It borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean which allows a vast diversity of wildlife, vegetation and marine life. The country is said to have the best kayak low-impact areas around.

So if you’re ready to have the water ride of your life, river and sea kayaking are a must when you’ve finally reached the waters of Costa Rica.

About River and Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is easier than river kayaking. Considering the raging waters more commonly found in rivers, sea kayaking is recommended for beginners and those who prefer lazy paddling over others. There maybe differences between these two watersports but they’re equally fun, thrilling and exciting.

There are about 635 miles of coastline on the Pacific side and 132 miles above the Caribbean where you can paddle your way through by sea kayaking. River kayaking can be sometimes fast and can be equally steady as sea kayaking but whatever the tide is, it’s undeniable that it is becoming quite a sport both tourists and fans take part in.

More than the Kayaking
River and sea kayaking aren’t the only about getting on that kayak and paddling away until you reach your final destination. It’s also a way to venture into the flourishing flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

There are great chances you’ll get to see pelicans, flying fish, sea turtles and frigate birds in the area, to name a few. Luscious tropical and rain forests and towering waterfalls are other sights to see as you make your way through the waters of Costa Rica.

River and Sea Kayaking Services
There are many kayaking companies that offer various packages that you can choose from. Some of them are listed below:

Curu Sea Kayaking

One of the most sought-after sea kayaking tours, this 4-day adventure allows you to explore the Curu National Wildlife refuge. You get to discover the coast as you paddle your way through all the way to the isolated Playa Quesara which holds pure and crisp white sand and clear water. This beach will be your base for the duration of the camp. This kayaking poses a difficulty of easy to moderate.

Osa Peninsula Sea Kayaking

Another 4-day sea kayaking experience gets you to have an unforgettable adventure at the Golfo Duce. This is a thrill of a lifetime because you get to start by riding a 4×4 to Rincon de Osa which will be your home base. Two full days are meant for kayaking and the other two days are for exploring the forests and wildlife of the peninsula.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge
This one-day kayaking tour takes you to one of the best bird-watching places known as a biological corridor in between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Kayaks give you a good advantage to go around and have a closer look in the wildlife here.

Mangrove Kayaking
One of the most fascinating types of vegetation is the mangrove and the Damas Island Estuary is a place where you can get to learn more about these trees. The mangrove kayak tours are available in the hotels located in Manuel Antonio and Quepos.

River and sea kayaking are increasingly getting more and more popular among watersports enthusiasts and those who are simply adventurous in spirit. With a wide array of kayaking tours to choose from and majestic places to go to, Costa Rica is definitely the place to start paddling you way through to all that is naturally beautiful.



Getting There
There are a lot of Costa Rican areas made for river and sea kayaking to choose from. A good take-off point is from San Jose for public buses to take you to your designated destinations and the route is car-friendly also. If you’re staying in one of the principal hotels in San Jose, chances are your guide is going to pick you up.



Places to Stay Around the Area 

Home base camps will be set up at your starting point as you will be going back there once all the kayaking is done. If you want to go home and spend the rest of the day staying in elsewhere, hotels such as Bosque del Cabo, Costa Verde and Hotel Plaza Yara all within reach.


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