Rock Divers Costa Rica

If you are in Costa Rica, there’s only a few words that will come into your mind and one of this is fun and recreation. While this tropical country in Central America offers a wide variety of tourist activity, we are sure that there’s one fitted for you.
But just in case what you have in mind is to get wet and discover the underwater beauty of Costa Rica, then scuba diving is the thing for you where at Rock Divers Costa Rica, this experience comes in comfort and style.

Located in Playas del Coco in the Province of Guanacaste, Rock Divers Costa Rica is a PADI Facility that offers underwater tour packages in Papagayo Gulf, Bat and Catalina Islands. On top of this, they also offer diver certification courses where a newbie can start their underwater journey or an avid diver wishing to continue his diving career.

A Different World for the Newbies

For newbies to experience this one of a kind adventure, they must undergo some sort of training that will equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to safely explore the underwater realm of Costa Rica.

Discover SCUBA

Price: $140
If what you have in mind is just to try the sport of scuba diving, then Discover SCUBA program of Rock Divers Costa Rica is perfect for you. Closely guided and handled by a professional diver, you will get a glimpse of the underwater beauty of Costa Rica where you can go diving up to 10 meters (30 feet) and see coral reefs inhabited by reef fishes like butterflyfish, angelfish, moray eels and a lot more.

Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

Price: $475
Mesmerized by colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life where you have finally decided to journey further into the sport, then we suggest you sign-up for the Open Water Certification course.

This 4 to 5 days certification course will teach you the basics of scuba diving both in theory and in practice. You will attend classroom lecture where you will be taught on the theories and principles behind the sport which will be followed by a swimming pool session where you will practice all the basic diving skills. This activity will commence with an actual open water dive where you can now apply all the skills that you have learned both in the classroom and in the swimming pool. After completion of the necessary requirements, you will receive a Certification Card which you can use it in your future diving adventures.

A Playground for the Experienced

Rock Divers Costa Rica does not just cater to beginners but also to experienced divers where they can explore intermediate dive sites which require some degree of experience.

Their most popular package is Diving in Bat Island and Catalina Island. To get a general view of these islands, a trip to either of these islands is usually made up of 2 dives where you can go deep and wall diving where in some instances you will cruise along a mild to moderate water current. But what really keeps divers coming back to the island is the interaction of big fish where you can usually see manta rays, marble rays and a thick population of jacks and grunts. On top of this, you will also encounter sharks of different types where the possibility of seeing whitetip reef sharks and bull sharks in Bat island is almost guaranteed.

Experienced divers will not just enjoy exploring beautiful reefs, but they can also upgrade their certification level where Rock Divers Costa Rica offers PADI certification courses ranging from Advanced Open Water, a variety of Specialty Courses, Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

For more information, you can contact Rock Divers Costa Rica at:

Telephone: (506) 2670 0110 / (506) 8369 4836

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