Saladero Lodge


Saladero Lodge

Touted to be one of the best specialty lodges in Costa Rica, Saladero is a 480 acre Golfo Dulce located tropical paradise farm that is accessible only by boat. The lodge’s guests are treated to a huge variety of remarkable natural experiences ranging from viewing the famous Golfo Dulce sunset to listening to the mesmeric sounds of singing frogs. While the more placid and relaxing activity loving guests can enjoy discovering Golfo Dulce Peninsula’s rich wildlife along with exploring the lodge’s well-maintained gardens (which grow a staggering range of edible plants like papaya, jackfruit, avocado, mango, banana, citrus, pineapple and many others). The more adventure struck nature explorers can embark on a self-guided tour of the neighboring national park. Saladero combines the best of holiday comfort with a causal, low-key charm and an element of rustic luxury.  In addition to this, Saladero also undertakes several sustainable tourism and environmentally responsible initiatives to support their ecological treasures and local community.  Guests here can look forward to enjoying an exotic vacation in the lap of nature, while doing their best to preserve its magnificence for future visitors.

Tours and Amenities

Saladero’s heady natural surroundings allow visitors to indulge in a wide selection of nature and action packed adventure activities Guests can go kayaking, snorkeling and fishing (all equipment available at Saladero Lodge). For visitors seeking plain relaxation and a more unruffled experience, there is a complementary guided tour of the lodge’s premises.

Other activities put together by this lush retreat are bird watching (with as many as 300 bird species making the primary virgin rainforest region of Peridras Balncas their home). Some interesting and unusual bird species spotted here include the Fiery-billed Aracari, the Scarlet Macaws and the Blue-crowned Motmot. In addition to this, river tours on the Rio Esquinas, boat excursions to Casa Orquideas Botanical Gardens (lucky guests can spot dolphin, jumping rays, sea turtles and majestic whales) and snorkeling in the naturally endowed waters of Los Mogos are other much sought after tourist pursuits in the region.

A guided tour of the rainforest (to witness it from a knowledgeable local’s perspective), exciting deep sea fishing expeditions at Golfo Dulce and Rio Esquinas and exploratory hiking trips within Peidras Blancas and Corcobado National Park are another set of popular activities for Saladero’s guests. Guests can also experience the hypnotic charm of Golfo Dulce’s incredible ecology through an exhilarating horseback ride. Simply relaxing in the backdrop of the lodge’s beautiful gardens, while inhaling the untainted natural tropical air is a ‘Saladero special activity’ for less adventurous guests.


Saladero’s accommodations are available in a wide range of options from luxurious to comfortable to practical like the Beach House, the Tree House, the Mariposa cabin and also a few rugged adventure camp tents. The Beach House is an elegant two-story edifice that is prettily nestled at a short distance from the beach. It is crafted out of hardwood and offers panoramic vistas of the gulf coast and Saladero’s premises. This accommodation option is more preferred by big groups and families.

Tree top cabins are secluded, spacious and sport a nice intimate vibe, while featuring a full bath and classy hardwood floors. These are perfect for patrons looking to enjoy their morning tea by relaxing in an independent balcony by ‘exchanging pleasantries’ with the howler monkeys and toucans.


Prices are $85-$200 per night, per person, depending on the type of occupancy.

Check their website here for current rate details: Saladero Rates



Saladero Lodge



– 561-283-1947 U.S. Skype phone number

– (011) 506-8721-0425 Costa Rica phone number

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