Samasati Nature Retreat


Samasati Nature Retreat

Samasati Nature Retreat is a unique 250-acre natural retreat that caters to a cross-section of tourists from rugged adventure buffs to serene wellness holiday seekers. It sports an almost surreal ambiance complete with a virgin rainforest backdrop and the famous Caribbean Coast landscape. Samasati provides the perfect blend of privacy and convenient access to major attractions around the lodge.  Samasati merges the best of ancient eastern philosophy (yoga, ayurveda and other wellness sciences) with policies of sustainable tourism and environmental preservation.  This is also a perfect romantic getaway for couples looking to experience the unassuming aura of a down-to-earth nature lodge that boasts of high eco-tourism standards, while offering a comfortable stay and top-class services.

Tours and Amenities

Visitors at Samasati Nature Retreat have a potpourri of exciting nature and adventure centric activities to pick from. Quick shuttles from the lodge can take tourists on a trail of thrilling pursuits from exploring the picturesque Caribbean beaches to enjoying the natural splendor of the area’s thriving national parks (think canopy tours, surfing lessons, forest hikes and bird watching tours). Another ‘must do’ on every guests list here is a trip to the Cacao trail park and Cahuita National Park. Bio reserve tours, exhilarating sea exploratory tours, bird watching trips, waterfall hikes, sea/river kayaking sessions, white water rafting, shaman tours and horseback riding sessions are other hot pursuits in Samasati’s vicinity.

In addition to this, Samasati offers tailor-made activity focused packages for visitors who enjoy unusual and off-beat activities. There  are bird watching packages and native culture packages (guests get a rich firsthand experience of hobnobbing with local Cabecar, Bribri and Kekoldi communities and learning about their unique ways of everyday life), in addition to the honeymoon package and the thrilling tropical adventure package.

Samasati Nature Retreat’s in-house amenities include expert ayurveda consultation (priced at $ 90 USD-$ 125 USD for an hour) along with yoga sessions at a tranquil and calm energy exuding yoga center (two classy looking buildings surrounded by gardens and a wilderness backdrop). The center is equipped with top-notch facilities such as yoga mats, cushions, back bend benches and straps. A restful hot tub and lush tropical gardens are other facilities available at the Samasati Lodge.


Samasati offers nine spacious and snug Caribbean style bungalows that are tastefully appointed and feature everything from a private bathroom (hot water) to a sprawling veranda (proving sweeping views of the neighboring jungle. Some rooms feature a loft, which can also be turned into a suite (with the upper area converting into a bedroom). They bungalows are created from expensive polished wood and radiate an appearance of understated elegance.

The Monkey Lodge is equipped with five double rooms and every room offers two single beds, a private veranda (with hammocks) and with two bathrooms.  The expansive Caribbean style bungalows have private bathrooms and a sprawling private veranda (featuring vistas of the neighboring jungles and coasts). The more practical Namaste Lodge features three bedrooms, a queen/king size bed, a bathroom and two large verandas that breathtaking views of Samasati’s scenic surroundings.

Samasati Nature Retreat Contact Details

Phone: Toll Free 1.800.563.9643

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