San Jose Province


Costa Rica is the homeland of the most beautiful birds, the most exotic beaches and captivating forests. Out of the seven provinces, the San Jose province enjoys importance due to the fact that the capital of Costa Rica- San Jose- lies in the San Jose Province. The general climate of San Jose has something of everything with the dry season ranging from mid- November to mid May and the wet season continuing on for the rest of the year. San Jose occupies the position of heart of Costa Rica and is surrounded by Alajuela, Limon, Puntarenas, Cartago and Heredia.

Two Famous Tourist Attractions in San Jose

There are many such locations which are visited a lot by the tourists within San Jose due to their historical background or natural beauty. However, if it ever came to naming the two most popular attractive locations for tourists in San Jose then the Gold Museum (Museo Del Oro) and Turu Ba RI Tropical Park would be brilliant choices. The Gold Museum is one of the most lovable places for people who want to know about the culture and rich history of Costa Rica in general and the San Jose Province in particular.

The Turu Ba RI Tropical Park is an excellent family park where there are options available for one and all. The daring people can enjoy the Tarzan swing and other adventurous rides like the Superman Zip Line are available while for people who like quietude and calmness can enjoy horseback rides to the entire park which is full of natural beauty and charm.


Why Tourists like visiting San Jose

Tourists visit San Jose for a variety of different reasons, the most basic of which is the fact that San Jose is the hub of political activities and is one of the most developed provinces of Costa Rica and has the best hotels and parks in the entire country. It’s also important to note that golf tours and lush green fields for golfers add another incentive for tourists to visit San Jose while the presence of biological gardens and national parks makes it a must visit place for naturists and scientists.

Finding places to live during the visit within San Jose province is never a problem with so many hotels and other accommodation options available that people even get spoilt for choice.

One of the most efficient hotels that you can choose to stay in during your visit’s the Casa Cristal Boutique Hotel.

However, if you are looking for a rental villa during your visit to San Jose then you can locate  Costa Rica Mountain Rental.

However, you can also choose an eco-lodge for yourself like the Laguna Del Lagarto Eco-Lodge

There are many attractions that capture the imagination of tourists but the top three attractions of the San Jose Province would include

Really there is no doubt that if you ever plan to visit a place full of natural beauty and is rich in cultural heritage as well then you must never look beyond the San Jose Province.


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