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Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve

The Selva Bananito Lodge often finds a mention on several lists of the world’s best eco lodges and with good reason. This property has been constantly involved in spearheading sustainable tourism programs and resourceful conservation technique. Selva Bananito’s comfortable rooms and spectacular natural surroundings only add to its attractive profile. This honest to goodness eco lodge is the only property in Costa Rica to be made out of recycled waste wood that was a result of an erstwhile logging activity, thus mitigating the negative impact rendered to 50 hectares of tropical rainforest. The lodge has also worked hard to incorporate the usage of as many renewable energy sources as possible from its inception.  Guests can enjoy a mix of heady natural experiences (without burning too many energy resources) such as relaxing in the open-air portico and savoring a candle light dinner (Selva Bananito Lodge doesn’t have any electric lights and is lighted with oil lights burnt during sunset). This is the place to be if you are seeking unlimited adventure and natural bliss, while still ensuring that your merry making doesn’t impact the environment adversely.

Tours and Amenities

This top-notch eco lodge is a haven for adventure buffs and nature based activity enthusiasts. Selva Bananito has customized packages that include an exhaustive list of nature and eco tourism activities like birding, horseback riding, planting trees, tree climbing, walking through the lush confines of a primary tropical rainforest, canopy tours, rappelling down a thrilling jungle waterfall and many more. Patrons can also go on leisurely self-guided treks through the mysterious jungle paths or engage the expert services of a guide to help them negotiate the natural splendor of the area.

Selva’s on-site amenities include a spacious dining area rancho complemented by a bar along with a small library that stocks books on the nature based subjects. The usual frills that are characteristic of the bigger lodges are absent here and instead Selva focuses brilliantly on offering a thoroughbred and unpretentious eco lodge experience that is heightened by its sustainable polices and progressive recycling policies.


Selva Bananito’s accommodations are independent raised cabin-style structures that are comfortable, sprawling and exude a characteristic rustic charm. Every cabin  is done up with in varnished woodwork for giving it a classy down to earth appeal, and is equipped with two double beds, a desk and chair, fresh flowers from the garden and a spacious private bathroom. Cabins are categorized into Standard Cabins and Superior Cabins. The Superior cabin versions feature bigger rooms, stylish tiled floors and wider view providing doors for enjoying uninterrupted natural viewing. A few cabins offer views of the Bananito Rivver, while others provide snapshots of the surrounding Matama Mountains.


Rate for the Standard Cabin on single occupancy is $ 170 USD and that for double occupancy is $ 150 USD on a per person per night arrangement. Likewise the price for a Superior Cabin is 4 195 USD per person on single occupancy and $ 170 USD on double occupancy. All rates are inclusive of three meals a day, two-way transportation between Salon Delia and the lodge and additional taxes. Selva also offers some complementary tours (such as the rainforest tours, horseback riding tour s through the in-house farm property and tree-climbing tour) for larger stay periods at the lodge. Apart from this, there are other personalized adventure pursuit and honeymoon packages, which are designed to provide a glimpse of Salon Delia’s charming wilderness.


Selva Bananito Lodge




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