Serenity Gardens EcoVillage

serenity gardens ecovillage

Serenity Gardens Eco Village is one of the up and coming self-sustainable communities in Costa Rica. It is situated in the sloping mountains of the Costa Ballena area of the Southern Pacific Coast. It lays claim to a spectacular view of the pristine beaches and neighboring virgin rain forests. It is only a few hours’ drive away from San Jose and Quepos/Manuel Antonio. It is close to many of the untouched beaches in the area. For tourists who want to stay on a periodical basis, there are two regional airports close to the village.

City dwellers who want to leave the metro and start fresh can go here. Serenity Gardens is promoting a healthier lifestyle that includes a constant educational system that adheres to the beliefs and principles of green building. Serenity Gardens aims to be a self-sustaining subdivision that will influence the general public into generating a greater love for the natural environment that the earth offers.

This area, like many other locations in Costa Rica, is filled with various flora and fauna. Guests can commune with nature on a more personal level as they interact with the animals that visit the nearby areas of the rooms every day. Staying at Serenity Gardens will allow people to get back to nature as well as live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


serenity gardens eco friendly house Serenity Garden is not just an eco-resort and living community. It is also a place where people can learn to thrive using the resources that the land has to offer. The amenities include a community center where the residents can mingle and conduct social and family gatherings. They also have a school that teaches permaculture, yoga, health and wellness. There will be various gardens that boasts patches of local flora, as well as an organic herb and vegetable garden for a self-sustainable food source. Not only that, but there will also be an artificial tilapia pool where people can go fishing for food, not sport.


serenity gardens ecovillage ecofriendliness Serenity Garden has 130 home sites that are available for custom designed houses or pre-designed houses. The eco-village’s architects have prepared a selection of models that the future residents can choose from. Each lot is big enough to accommodate a small family, as well as their own herb garden and a small chicken coop.

All of the housing designs and ideas offered focus on green building. This means that the houses will be maximized through outdoor living spaces and systematic ventilation for natural air flow. Aside from that, Serenity Gardens has a self-sustaining power source that consists of solar wind and mini hydro stations.

The eco village will be populated with fruit trees, edible landscape and fish ponds. Aside from the 130 acres of residential lands, the rest will consist of the surrounding virgin forests and the community facilities needed to sustain the eco village. With these kinds of facilities, who would not want to stay at Serenity Gardens?

Other Information

Serenity Garden’s main attraction is its self-sustaining food production system. The edible landscape is a great way for the tenants to feel at home with nature. A snack during hiking trips is just what everyone needs. The residents can also be taught how to plant beautiful fruit-laden trellises that lead to your front door. The tilapia ponds, on the other hand, are the eco-villages pride and glory. This will be the main source of meat in the community. There are also goat farms that can provide cheese and milk.

Serenity Garden’s design team are seasoned professionals that have had years of experience in creating sustainable communities with bio-diesel production in order to propagate an integrated food system. Food is everywhere in Serenity Gardens. That is what makes it stand out from the rest of the eco villages in Costa Rica.

Contact the eco village administrators so you can find out more about the eco village. Serenity Gardens promises a better and healthier lifestyle with a beneficial impact on the environment.



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