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Surf For Life is a non profit organization that sponsors academic and community based development projects in the towns located by the coast. One of Surf For Life’s offices is situated in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

It runs a surf camp, a high school and a center for volunteer social and community services. Anyone who is interested in surfing can join the surf school to learn to ride the waves. The camp caters to surfers of all kinds of skills. You only need to be passionate Surf For Life 2 about surfing and that’s it. Surf For Life has a team of fully committed and motivated individuals who care about the community and are willing to participate in different types of development projects. The school has taken part in renovation of schools, construction of bridges and in building various facilities that enhance social and economic development of the country. To gain new perspectives and unique experiences, enroll in Surf For Life and enjoy a vacation with humanitarian focus.

Join the Trip

Surf For Life is not an ‘all year round’ camp. It takes place once a year and people who wish to join have to sign up and register in advance. To enroll, go to their website, fill out the form and pay $150 registration deposit. Once the payment has been made, you will get your confirmation letter along with an information packet. Now you can buy your plane ticket and fly off to your volun-tourism retreat with Surf For Life.

Surfing with Surf For Life

Surf For Life is open to all sorts of surfers. Beginners and newbies are taught about the basics, surf equipment and ocean safety protocols, intermediate surfers get to work on their skills to reach the next level while advanced surfers go on various breaks to tackle demanding waves. The classes are conducted by professional surf instructors who are experienced and quite efficient in their work. Moreover, the camp takes care of all the things during the trip. They gladly arrange transportation, meals and accommodations so guests do not have to worry about a single Surf For Life 3 thing.

Surf For Life Projects

Some of the projects that Surf For Life has worked on include Hurricane Sandy Relief, various programs in El Cuco, El Salvador, Manzanillo, Nicaragua and currently, Guatemala and The Coastal Karma Project in Nicaragua. The surf center organizes trips to different places every year where volunteers can learn surfing, take part in projects to help out the community and enjoy their vacation as well.

Contact Surf For Life

Location: Puerto Viejo. Trips to various surf spots on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica
Phone Number: 1-888-SRF-4LIF (1-888-773-4543)

A Superb Vacation with Surf for Life

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