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Mangroves grow in swamps in the areas where saltwater comes together with freshwater. These places are fully or intermittently submerged but support woody plants and the creations of trees. Mangrove trees are often surrounded by marshes and these areas usually sometimes remain covered by water but the grasses, plants and herbaceous species rather than shrubs and trees. For humans, mangrove swamps are not most hospitable places but can be visited for enjoying some different types of tours. For exploring the beauty of the mangrove swamp, you don’t need to go far rather you can go through the forests of the Santa Rosa national park, in the northwest side of Guanacaste. You can also go to the Tamarindo beach at the north side in Las Baulas National Park, and at Hacienda Barú in the Central pacific area. You can also go to the the Osa peninsula, far to the southwest close to Puerto Jiménez. In Costa Rica the largest mangrove swamps are at Térraba-Sierpe. You will find it just north side of the Osa Peninsula. If you want to go to the small mangrove forests, you can go nearly anywhere a river get connected with the sea. For example you can go to some of the smaller areas in the Cahuita national park and also go to the Gandoca Manzanillo wildlife refuge and both of these are located on the Caribbean coast of the country. Here goes some of the mangrove tours:

Northwest Region

Samara Wildlife and Birding Kayak Tour:

If you go for this tour, you can enjoy kayaking along the Buena Vista River and during the tour, you can spot a variety of birds and other wild animals near Samara on the Nicoya Peninsula. You can get opportunity to watch herons, roseate spoonbills, anhinga and also might see crocodiles in their natural habitat.You can also enjoy traveling in the jungle through the mangrove tunnels barely wider than your boat.

More info: http://www.samara-tours.com/samara_beach_tours/mangrove_birdwatching.html

Southern Pacific Region

Bahia Aventuras Mangrove Nature Trip:

Bahia Aventuras is a Costa Rica Tour Operator is located in Uvita that is a hot spot in southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, near the Osa Peninsula. If you go for the Mangrove Nature Trip offered by Bahia Aventuras, you will get the opportunity for exploring amazing flora and fauna of the surrounding area. You will find yourself immersed into beautiful mangroves of the Terraba Sierpe which is considered as one of the biggest mangrove forest in Costa Rica. This tour is absolutely perfect for the nature lovers and the bird watchers.

More info: http://www.bahiaaventuras.com/tours/mangrove/

Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Tour:

Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Tour will allow you to explore the amazing wildlife of the area. Along the Sierpe River, almost 67,000 acres of flooded forest area is covered by a vast estuary system. On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, it is the largest untouched mangrove forest. During this tour, you will be guided by Greentique Certified Guide, who will help you to explore the stunning flora and fauna of the region from a comfortable canopied boat. In this area you can spot mangrove hummingbird which found not any other part of the planet. You can also watch an huge number of crabs, caimans, crocodiles, boas, tree frogs, rive turtles, iguanas and other amphibians, reptiles, white-faced capuchins monkeys, squirrel, howler, heron, parrots and many other species of birds. After departing from the Aguila Dock, with a 25-minute ride across Drake Bay the adventure will begin and then you will travel north along the Pacific coast and then along the river mouth you will reach into the mangroves.

More info: http://www.aguiladeosa.com/sierpe-terraba-guided-mangrove-tour/

Southern Nicoya Region

Seascape – Mangrove Kayak Tour at Curu Park’s river estuary:

These multi-day trips can be customized to fit the travelers schedule. If you choose the trips offered by Seascape, you will get the opportunity to explore a different paddling environment each day. On the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula Curu Park’s river estuary is just like a true paradise for sea kayaking. You will enjoy paddling in crystal clear water and also go for snorkeling just off a white-sand beach. While paddling, you can also catch a spot playful monkeys and catch a glimpse of sea turtles. Seascape offers different types of multi day trips and also in addition it offers Sunrise and Sunset tours from its new Southern base of operations. If you go for the five-day sea kayak tour, you will get the opportunity to enjoy amazing adventures and coastal explorations into the Gulf of Nicoya. You will visit the heart of the dry coast and enjoy exploring marine terrestrial wildlife. You can also choose 3 days kayaking trip that starts from the departure point the Reserva Curu on the Nicoya Peninsula. During this kayak tour you will explore a unique tropical ecosystem.

More info: http://www.seascapekayaktours.com/destinations/costa-rica/

Zuma Tours:

It is an exclusive Catamaran Tour that can be enjoyed by a group of friends or a family. This tour will take you to the Tortuga island and other beautiful beaches and tropical islands around Montezuma. You will also visit a mangrove in Tambor bay in the Nicoya Peninsula. There from your guide, you will know about the special vegetation. During this tour depending on the tide you will also visit a beautiful wilder beach at the time of morning or afternoon.

Website: http://www.zumatours.net/private-boat-tours/

Central Pacific Region

Damas Island Mangrove tour:

Just outside of Quepos, close to the popular tourist spot Manuel Antonio National Park and Jaco, Damas Island, or Isla Damas, is also a great place to enjoy mangrove tour. You will ride with a covered boat tour and enjoy the trip through the complex and beautiful estuaries and mangroves surrounding Damas Island. The boats are made with eco-friendly materials so that the riders enjoy a secured and comfortable journey. During this Damas Island Mangrove tour, with the help of a naturalist, you can know about the biological relationships between many organism in this delicate habitat. You can spot different species of wild animals such as herons, white faced monkeys, snakes, iguanas and crocodiles.

More info: http://www.safariadventurescr.com/#!mangrove-tour/xcifa

Iguana Tours:

Founded in 1989, Iguana Tours company is owned and operated by a family group of local investors and community leaders. They arranges Damas Mangrove Boat Tour, Fishing in Damas Mangroves, Damas Mangrove Kayaking and many other tours. Highly trained, bilingual guides and naturalists will ensure a comfortable and safe journey and will help you to spot different species of the area as well as explore the true beauty of the mangrove.

More info: http://www.iguanatours.com

Jose’s Crocodile River Tour:

If you want to go closer to the American crocodiles of all sizes as well as want to see abundance of beautiful exotic birds, they can go for this Jose’s Crocodile Rive Tour. This tour takes place on the Tarcoles River in the Central Pacific Costa Rica. You will also enjoy watching amazing rainforest view and cruise through the dense mangrove forest canals. You can see different species of wildlife such as iguanas, mangrove crabs, lizard, monkeys and many more.

More info: http://crocodilerivertour.com/

Jade Tours:

Costa Rica Jade Tours, a small organized tourist company in Manuel Antonio. It offers different types of tours including Damasa Island Mangrove tour and Night Mangrove tour. Located just 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park. While paddling up the inland canals, you can enjoy watching estuaries and mangroves and discover different species of birds and plants and wild animals. You can also go for Night Mangrove Tour and with the help of a professional team you can find crocodiles, turtles, boas, lizards, bats, birds, crabs, raccoon, anteaters, and more.

More info: http://www.costaricajadetours.com/

Rancho Los Tucans Damas Island Kayaking Tour:

Just 15 minutes of Manuel Antonio, there is the Damas Island estuary. In this island area, you can enjoy kayaking through the protected inland waters and explore coastal mangrove areas. While kayaking, you will also get opportunity to spot a variety of different species of wildlife within the mangrove forests. You will enjoy floating under a lush canopy rainforest, silently spot different species of colorful birds, crocodiles, snakes, ant eaters and also group of white faced monkeys. Dependent on the tides, the departure time is decided so it varies.

More info: http://www.rancholostucanes.com/damasislandkayakingtour-manuelantonio.html

Monkey Mangrove Tour:

This tour starts with a 45 minute drive from Jaco. During this Monkey Mangrove Tour, while riding under the shade of several tall species of mangroves, you will see white faced Capuchin monkeys traveling through the tree canopy. You will find these monkeys have grown accustomed to see the humans with curiosity and also might jump to grab your things. You will also see sloths, different types of non-poisonous snakes taking rest in the mangroves. You will spot a variety of colorful birds and enjoy listening to their songs.

More info: http://costaricawaterfalltours.com/tour/monkey-mangrove-tour/

The Crocodile Mangrove Tour:

For the adventure lovers, the crocodile mangrove tour is one of the popular tours. It is found that Tarcoles is home to the largest concentration of crocodiles and there are over two-thousand crocodiles living at the mouth of the river.

More info: http://www.adventuretourscostarica.com/tours/crocodile_tour

Caribbean Region

Two Day Tortuguero Canal and Mangrove Boat Tours:

This tour starts from Moin on a guided boat ride. While riding on this unique canal waterway, your guide will ensure you enjoy a great time and will help you to spot wildlife such as sloths, crocodiles, monkeys and birds. This two day tour package includes accommodation in rustic cabins, round trip guided boat transport from Moin, 3 typical Caribbean meals. If you go for this trip during the month of May to October, you will also enjoy guided observation of the nesting of the green turtle and if you visit from November to April, you will see baby turtles.

More info: http://www.ateccr.org/#!blank/luvso/34bc4931-b765-f7a1-bda5-f5d0f2518ffc

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