Tambor: Nicoya’s Tropical Getaway

It may be popularized by Temptation Island 2 but Playa Tambor is more than just an intimate beach destination. With a variety of things to do as well as a diverse flaura and fauna surrounding you, this Costa Rican beach is also a target for families who want an unforgettable tropical vacation.

Located in the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Tambor is quite famous for the various beach resorts, hotels and restaurants found in the area. So the next time you’re flying in to this rich and relaxing country, make sure to make a stop in Playa Tambor for a beach break you will never forget.

The Town of Tambor

Tambor is nestled in valley that borders Bahia Bellena or Whale Bay and is yet another one of Costa Rica’s beach towns graced with grainy sand and an abundant marine life. But what makes it stand out is that it is a town which has its own domestic airport. This makes it a good take-off point when you land on the San Jose International Airport.

The town is situated in the center of a horse shoe-shaped bay surrounded by slow, mesmerizing waters that draw whales and other aquatic animals.

Climate and Weather

Since Tambor is situated in the west Pacific side of the country, the climate is relatively dry. From the months of December to April, expect very little rain showers and quite a hot weather. A bit more rain can be expected from the months of May to November. Showers predominantly happen during the late afternoons and early evenings.

What to Do

Playa Tambor is surrounded by a protected bay making it a good and safe destination for swimming and snorkeling. While these two are the favorite activities in the area, hiking and bird watching are also very popular here. Considering the diversity of the wildlife and the evergreens hovering above the beach, you’re in for a good outdoor trip with friends and families.

Fishing in this protected bay is also allowed and a great way to bond with the family. If you’re coming with friends, there’s a golf area so you can test your skills on the grass.

The beach here is majorly untouched so if you’re looking for a quiet, natural-looking and peaceful time among the seas and sands, Playa Tambor is the right place for you.

A Take-off Point

One thing that attracts tourists towards the Tambor Bay is that it is a take-off point to Islas Tortugas–a tropical paradise of pristine white beach, crystal-clear waters and a stop for various outdoor activities. Popularized by the turtles that nest in the island, this world-renowned piece of beach bliss has drawn visitors from all parts of the world the year over.

Another thing about the town of Tambor is its easy and near access to the Curu Wildlife Reserve which lies on the northern side of the town and is part of Nicoya Peninsula’s protected areas.

Tambor is just not another town in Costa Rica. It presents so much more than the sand and the sea. It is pretty diverse so if you’re one who seeks an exciting and pleasantly surprising time in Costa Rica, this quaint beach town is just for you.

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