Ten Great Things to Do in Costa Rica

This amazing beach is just south of Jaco

Costa Rica is the land blessed with excellent and beautiful waterfalls, dense rain forests, high mountain peaks, volcanoes, beautiful flowers and exotic beaches. All these qualities go on to make Costa Rica one of the most visited places in the world and people travel to Costa Rica to be captivated and spell bounded by the glorious natural beauty of Costa Rica. There are many tourist attractions that should be visited while on your trip to Costa Rica and tips about what places to visit should be gathered before you visit Costa Rica.

The top 10 travel tips for Costa Rica basically does a round up on the must visit location in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

1. Jaco Beach

Travel tip no.1 would be to must visit Jaco Beach. There is no doubt that Jaco beach is one of the most exotic and beautiful beaches in the whole wide world. The beauty of the place, the calmness of the ocean and the excellent views of the ocean all are worth going to the Puntarenas province and visiting the Jaco Beach.


2. Braulio Carrillo National Park

Second tip would be to visit Braulio Carrillo National park as it tells about the rich history of Costa Rica and is an excellent place to get to know about the diverse cultures of the different provinces of Costa Rica.


3. Costa Rica Outward Bound

Costa Rica Outward is also another location that must be visited if you travel to Costa Rica which is present in the San Jose province.


4. Rainforest Aerial Tram

Another must visit location is found in the Limon province and goes by the name of Rainforest Aerial Tram. The rainforest has been transformed into an adventure park and is an excellent location to observe natural habitats of animals.


5. Del Mar Surf Camp

The best surf camp in the whole of Costa Rica. It provides excellent surfing opportunities while there are instructors available too for people who are new to surfing.


6. La Fortuna Waterfall

An excellent location in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica and it should on your list of must visit locations at no.6. The natural beauty of the place can captivate visitors and the waterfall’s noise is serene as well.


7. Volcan Irazu National Park

Volcan Irazu national Park is one of the most visited locations in Costa Rica as it is made around the largest volcano in the country which is famous for its moon shape.


8. Kingfisher Sports fishing

The no.8 travel tip for Costa Rica would be to visit this excellent fishing centre where the visitors can easily catch fish and enjoy quite a lot of other recreational activities as well.


9. Coco Beauty Spa

Coco Beauty Spa is a place for men and women alike and it provides excellent spa services.


10. Bamboo Yoga Play

The last travel tip for Costa Rica would be enjoying the excellent yoga classes provided in the Bamboo Yoga Play institute.



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