The Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose: Enjoy the Costa Rican Rainforests Up in the Air

Exploring rainforests is a must-do in Costa Rica and with the Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose, discovering the beauty of flora and fauna is taken to a whole new level–literally.


The Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose is the first rainforest aerial tram ever built. It promises an extraordinary exploration of the rainforest canopies and hanging gardens bordering the Atlantic Coast. With such a rare opportunity and limited modified gondolas available, it’s no wonder this tourist spot is constantly flocked by visitors.


How the Tram Ride Works

It will take you around an hour and 20 minutes to explore the rainforests and hanging bridges of this coastal forest. You’ll be seated along with about seven more passengers including an experienced bilingual guide in an open-air, modified gondola with canvas awnings.  You don’t have to worry because you’ll be gliding along the forest at a pace of 2 kilometers per hour, just enough speed to bask in the beauty of the rainforest.


The Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose assures you of a maximum, complete rainforest exploration. Even before you get to ride the tram, you get to explore the lower area of the forest best done by foot and up to high-rising treetops best experienced by the tram.


The Trails from Forest Floors to Treetops

1. Bocaracá Trail- this trail is tackled by foot for a good 45 minutes. Those who prefer to do leisurely walks around the rainforest can enjoy this trail. Those who have disabilities can partake in this tour and local expert guides can help you maximize this trip.

2. Las Palmas Trail- Unlike the first trail, this trail cannot accommodate those who have disabilities. It’s said to have been built to prevent landslides or erosions. The Las Palmas trail is easy to explore and will take you around 45 minutes as well to complete.

3. La Tierra de Las Ranas Trail- Roughly translating its name to “Frog’s Land”, this 200-meter trail of moderate difficulty is specifically designed for tourists to get to know more about the Dendrobates Plumilio–one of the most interesting frog species existing in the Neotropics.

4. Del Rio (River) Trail- This trail boasts of one of the youngest rainforests in the world. It would take you about an hour to explore this 900-meter trail and it’s highly recommended to wear your most comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of steps awaiting you.

5. Gambas (Tower 12) Trail- this is a good break from the aerial tram ride. This trail is about 300 meters and would only take you half an hour to complete.

6. Pogonantha Trail- This maybe the most difficult trails of this Costa Rican rainforest. This is best for those who crave to know more about the mystical secrets of the forests. You’ll be spending about 45 minutes to an hour in this trail.


The Gazebo Lookout Point

The Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose not only gives you a full-360 exploration of the rainforests and hanging gardens up in the air. Halfway through the gondola ride, the Gazebo Lookout Point (Tower 12) is an intimate area that houses a maximum of 20 guests and boasts of a spectacular view of the reserve.


The Broccoli Tree Gazebo

This gazebo welcomes all guests with quenching cocktails and panoramic views of the rainforests encompassing them. Its roof is made of tiles and this area is perfect if you’d like to take a break from the tour.


Promising an entirely different approach in exploring the wonders of the rainforests, the Aerial Tram Atlantic from San Jose is one tour visitors can never forget. So if you’re in town and interested in learning more about Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, it’s highly recommended that you hop on this tram ride and lose yourself in the beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforests.


How to get to Aerial Tram Atlantic:

The Aerial Tram Atlantic is only 50 minutes away from San Jose and 5 kilometers right after the Rio Sucio Bridge in the Braulio Carrillo highway all the way to Limón. Driving there wouldn’t be much trouble if you want to bring your own car. Public transportation or private charters can be other options for you if you’re not driving. If you’re staying in one of the major hotels in San Jose, they do hotel pickups as well.






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