The Diamante Center


The Diamante Center is a wellness and education center also known as the Diamante Valley Solution Center. This center is committed to co-create a regenerative future for all life. It is a community benefit organization that hosts wellness and educational events. It works for supporting organic food systems, developing local sharing economies and also systematically empowering all organizations which are are involved in making a regenerative society. It also makes templates, tools, guides, business plans and organize social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects.

The Mission of the Diamante Center:

Its mission is to co-create a ecologically harmonious and sustainable culture in balance with nature.



Diamante Center offers flexible guest accommodations including multiple camping areas to connect with this special land and there are also many stylish cabinas. In 8 cabins there you will enjoy rustic ecolodging environment. Those cabins have 20 beds.


You will have 3 gourmet vegetarian dishes and mostly local organic meals each day and all the dishes are prepared by experienced chefs.

Other Facilities:

This center features a rainforest Yoga deck, private river with pristine natural swimming pools, walking trails throughout 55 acres of tropical rainforest, orchards and rivers. In its surrounding area,you will get the opportunity to watch different wildlife and birds. This property has sustainable system, natural building, food forestry and also spring water.


The Diamante Center offers different classes, workshops, wellness and educational activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, dance, breathwork, natural medicine, and also based on nutrition. It also can arrange ecotourism, exciting excursions and much more.

You can also visit this center with a group and and can host a retreat by contacting them. This center can also plan events like weddings, reunions or other gatherings. It can also help to design an all-inclusive event around your class or workshop. At this place you will meet a great extended team of healers, practitioners and educators.

Retreats and Events:

This center offers different types of retreats and events such as Return to Nature, Yoga, Detox Immersion, An epic awakening, and Breathwave Waterfall Retreat.

Host a Retreat:

The Diamante Center welcome people who want to visit this center with a group and want to host a retreat. Its expert team will help you to have an amazing experience. If you host a retreat with this center, you will enjoy rustic ecolodging, camping areas under food forest and near the river. There you will also get a professional kitchen with eating and lounge areas which are able to hold more than 40 people. On the first day you will enjoy a beach trip. You will have unlimited access to the Baru waterfall and river with pristine natural swimming pool on site. You will meet a very hospitable team who will help you with any needs during your stay and you will also get help from the expert planner to create your ideal retreat.


You will also enjoy a full service customized meals prepared by expert chef. You will have incredible organic vegetarian meals prepared with locally grown fresh food products. You can enjoy tropical fresh fruits and smoothies, delicious nut cheeses, nut milks, healthy snacks, savory sauces, fresh coconut water, tea and coffee.


From the airport, you will get the transportation service and will meet a professional tour guide. One shared shuttle picks up the guests at a designated location in San Jose and after the retreat brings them back to the San Jose airport.

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The Diamante Center
San Salvador, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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