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The Endless Summer Surf Camp is an adventure camp and surf retreat based in Mal Pais, a beautiful town in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Its main office is located in a Californian town named San Onfore. The camp is called after a cult surf movie, The Endless Summer, whose sequel was filmed in Costa Rica. The Endless Summer Surf Camp 2 The camp offers awesome surf programs, personalized surf instructions, professional surf photography and video analysis and all inclusive features like scrumptious meals, transport, surfing equipment and comfortable accommodations. The Endless Summer Surf Camp offers surf classes to people from all walks of life. It could be someone’s very first time in the ocean, or it could be someone who only wishes to further improve skills, the camp guarantees that whatever the case may be, everyone will learn a lot about surfing and have great fun in the camp. The instructors are professional surfers who know how to handle a class, utilize different teaching methods and use original techniques for innovation. The teachers set up a great example and students will find them rather cordial and competent. Join The Endless Summer Surf Camp and be ready to have a surf vacation of your life under the tropical skies.

Accommodations at The Endless Summer Surf Camp

For lodging, The Endless Summer Surf Camp features a lavish campsite overlooking the enchanting blue Pacific Ocean. The camp is fully carpeted and has all the necessary amenities so guests will be absolutely comfortable. There are bathrooms with showers, public telephones, Ranger and Lifeguard patrols for safety, fire rings and gaming area with a ping pong table. The campsite has separate sleeping areas for males and females. There is large lounge for hang outs with a television set and soft sofas where guests can watch movies, socialize and play board games.
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Surf Packages and Instructions

The camp has overnight surf packages, day camp packages, surf and turf program, progressive surf coaching, and a package for private lessons. The details for each package can be found on the website. The classes are conducted on the beach either in groups or privately. Group lessons include 3 students per instructor. By the end of the course, students are catching the waves and riding them like a pro. Along with surfing, the camp arranges other aquatic and terrestrial activities upon guests’ requests.

Contact The Endless Summer Surf Camp

Location: Mal Pais, Costa Rica and San Onfore, California, Usa
Phone Number: 1 949 498 7862
Facebook Page:

Riding the Waves with The Endless Summer Surf Camp

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